<Uncontrollable laughter>

"If I looked like this, I'd cover my face in public too. .

Also, I'm extremely disappointed to see the GEICO caveman is ANTIFA."



Every single one of these people looks like this by CHOICE.
NONE of them are physically ugly.
But their souls are dark.
And this is what we see.

@Cdubois @DeplorableAynNY you are nicer than me .. once they cross the line into total degeneracy I got no qualms calling them ass ugly .. they are as ugly from the inside out .


I'm a commissioned portrait artist, so I tend to look at faces a bit differently than most.
These people "started out" as normal humans.
Something happened. Their dark choices brought them here, complete with their flat affect.
It's a soul condition. I'd almost call it "soul suicide."
I don't know that there's a cure.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.