We were down in Fredericksburg for the beginning of bluebonnet season. The Willow City Loop was gorgeous!!

BTW, if you do the Willow City Loop, we preferred the approach from the South end. It starts bland, but you get some fabulous panoramas that are missed coming the other direction.

Since you're going up the creek, as it were, you get to look up the draws that are fed by the stream tributaries, that were likewise strewn with wildflowers!


WOW, gorgeous.

Please add to posts like this. It's a panel for anyone who likes art... of all kinds... photos included

@Lonestar Awe the bluebonnets of Texas are God's beauty to see! Transplanted Texan missing the beauty and stuck here in DC...ugh, fighting for all !

@Lonestar Blue Bells I do believe.
Trained with AA in Dallas/Fort Worth million yrs ago. Love Texas. That picture brings back good memories.

@Trish35 - And I bet I know the exact building you were trained in!

@Lonestar I lived in Navarro county for a time...beautiful

Message me when they bloom.

I recall some years ago driving through Whitney, Hico etc and passed through Blooming Grove.

It was pleasant outside so I had my windows down when I drove through, it literally smelled like someone broke a large bottle of expensive perfume. Amazing.

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