Goodness...2 years ago Wictor wrote a seminal thread on the increasing weakness in the fortitude of American Trump supporters. Holy cow!

We (GOP) dominate off-year elections...

Team Trump purges Ryan's RINO's in the 2018 midterms...

Dems field a flailing "Dozens Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" for POTUS...

Team Barr, Durham, Huber and Horowitz lay siege to The Bad Guys...

"Triggered" is selling like hotcakes...

"OMG, THE KUUURDS!! are happy...

Yet, PANIC reigns throughout the Realm. WE LOST!

@IndiaMaria people fail to understand that the media is anti-Trump and will never write a favorable story. It is always negative. Trump accomplished all I wanted him to and more. I will vote for him and ignore all the chicken little shits.


Hear, HEAR!!

A TRUMP Supporter who does NOT need to sleep with a Night Light!!

heh, heh....Bravo LiveFree.


@IndiaMaria I am surrounded by liberal idiots suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. It’s tiring and pisses me off. So I will piss them off by making sure Trump gets re-elected. I thought Reagan was great. Trump is even better.


Though it may seem otherwise, YOU sir, have THEM surrounded!

@IndiaMaria The silent majority. I do not see very many campaign bumper stickers. Once I get out in the more rural area——clearly Trump territory. Many are pissed with what is going on.

@LiveFree @IndiaMaria

Good time for silent majority to step up and enthusiastically bang some drums, sing some praises (brag the facts of the past 3 years that many have not heard of)... most especially in our most contested districts across the US. Getting back the House - preferably with new competent, practical thought leaders - will do loads to move a freedom-loving, law-and-order conservative vision forward.

@LiveFree @IndiaMaria Live Free must live in NH, as I do. I feel your pain...surrounded by highly educated idiots.

@Sabina @IndiaMaria Socialist State of Maryland. Can’t even conceal carry.

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