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Great thread from @hnijohnmiller

"Remember, strategery. The point is not to win, but to utterly annihilate your opponent’s ability to win."

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But the Democrats assumption of absolute superiority will remain unchanged. They will throw themselves off a cliff anyway.

Their hatred and bitterness have driven them mad. Madness does not allow for strategy, pragmatism, learning lessons, acknowledging mistake or any form of self-preservation.

The House Dems chattering and screaming during the impeachment hearings are the denizens of a madhouse - their own minds.

The only end is self-destruction.

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BOJO kicks butt.

What an absolute thrashing. And a great result for the UK. Bye bye EU, not nice to know you.

And of course the liberal tears just keep flowing.

Honestly they are now beyond hilarious. Their inability to understand what's going on is pitiful and embarrassing.

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Tweet by - Matt Chorley

Amazing map from @thetimes interactives team showing the scale of the swing to the Tories across the country
More at

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Had some idle fun: Trump won the 2016 ELECTORAL popular vote by nearly 8 million votes.


Only state winner's votes count.
Example: Hillary won CA 8,753,788 to Trump's 4,483,810

Might as well have been 8,753,788 to 0. Winner takes all.

Total Clinton or Trump votes toward Electoral College: 75,100,984

Trump (from states he won): 41,488,535

Clinton (from states she won): 33,612,449

Difference: 7,876,086

There's your 'nationwide' STATE BY STATE popular vote - Electoral style.

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Am personally at peace at an impeachment vote in the House, moving to a widely televised Senate trial where Trump's White House lawyers bring forth damning evidence of the bureaucrats and elected D's corruption. I think we need this to clear the air and provide US citizens with facts produced in discovery that focus on the corruption of D's (and if R's corruption is there too, A-OK). We cannot have our US elected presidents constantly battling a weaponized Congress or IC community.

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Man....could "things" be going ANY better than they are now?

Democrats campaigning FOR GOP landslide in Nov. 2020.

FOUR more Fed judges in.

NATO cowering before Trump

Massive consumer holiday celebrations

Charles Schwab HQ moving to TEXAS.

401K's making regular folks into millionaires

AG Barr INDICTING a bunch of Hillary's bundlers....

AND, the Battleship U.S.S. Melania fires her 16" Main Deck Guns at the Democrats??!

Holy Smokes!!

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So anybody who thinks we should have love in our heart for these lowlife liars or pity for them, no. Let them reap what they sow. They are lying to save their own dishonest, worthless careers and to try to gain power. They have no redeeming values and are only out to run the country as a baby-murdering, perverse, lawless country. No thank you. It was obvious the Dems were going to go through with this and it’s time to put the hurt on them so they will regret everything they have done.

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"Leftists can't be cured, because they always say that their ideas weren't implemented the right way.

The only thing we can do is make it so that the majority of Americans recognize leftism as the failure it is.

We'll get there. We aren't Irish or Chilean.


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I can't stop laughing at this, it's spot on too...
An Idiots Guide to Response on Political Twitter

A thread.

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Yet another stupid take by someone who should know better.

Leave the drama queen crap to libtards.


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@LiveFree - it gives them a high standard to shoot for, and a sense of pride and accomplishment when they finally earn the badge. seems like a win-win scenario to me...

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I agree with this article mostly.
I'm not "nice". I am a Christian, and I don't care what anyone thinks about that. I treat people with respect until they deserve to be crushed. Sometimes that means immediately, as in, the second I meet you.

If you are determined to make me your enemy, I will comply whole heartedly. I will not turn the other cheek. I will crush you.

I'm fine with it now after being conflicted over it for a long time. No longer. I'm good.

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I'm always astounded at how butt ugly liberal women are. Misogynist as this may be (with ZERO apology) I find conservative women beautiful inside and out, and you can almost immediately see that they aren't liberal retards.

Maybe it's just my 'brand' of perception. I'm good at picking out the scumbags and tossing them aside. I've had a lifetime of practice.

BTW, it confounds my son. He's got no sense of what a person is like before getting burned by them.

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Political bastards. I never thought I would see the day when so many politicians would have such abject hate for the president and those of us who voted him in. Well, words do not capture enough how I feel about the left, so I won’t go that far. But each day I pray the left gets everything coming to them, especially Obama and Schiff and then the rest of these treasonous, poison pieces of detritus. Not in the mood to see the lying media worship these crap heads, but they will continue to anyway,

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man i hope the IG report nails all of these PoS fools

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Schiff for brains is totally consumed by hatred

May his punishment be slow and tortuous

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@LiveFree @IndiaMaria

Good time for silent majority to step up and enthusiastically bang some drums, sing some praises (brag the facts of the past 3 years that many have not heard of)... most especially in our most contested districts across the US. Getting back the House - preferably with new competent, practical thought leaders - will do loads to move a freedom-loving, law-and-order conservative vision forward.

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The Rangers take no prisoners. They don't give poachers a chance to surrender.

I approve.

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