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Looks like Sanders is going to win the Democratic ticket. It is awesome to know that Trump will win in a landslide, but the fact Bernie is their front runner scares me. People in this country are voting for socialism. There’s not much scarier than that.

I am not too interested nor follow the Daytona 500, but I will watch to see President Trump!

I would Love to anonymously paste MAGA and KAGA stickers at my work place the night before the election to see liberal heads explode and the resulting emails decrying this invasion of a safe space.

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"It doesn't change their minds.

This is why the Democrats are toast.

When presented with irrefutable evidence that they're wrong, they shut up for a while and then start saying the same things again.

Republicans CHANGED.

I didn't think Republicans had it in them, but they rose to the occasion.

It's the "progressives" who are the rigid, unimaginative, creaky, failed fossils.

"You're an idiot! I hate you! Now vote for me."

No thanks. I'll stick with Trump."

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Pelosi has lost her mind.

Ripping up Trump's speech gave the GOP the best political ad of all time.

Nancy is PO to the hilt. Having hatred eat her from the inside is the best revenge.

Two SCJ and more in the pipeline. 😂 Ruth! Ruthie! We are waiting!!!

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Democrats, last night, proved that the biggest threat to election integrity in this country isn’t any foreign power.

It’s their party and its incompetence.

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Yet another absolutely outstanding twitter thread by Thomas @ThomasWic

Wictor is ON FIRE right now.

As I've said for years, Thomas is social media's first great writer and cultural commentator.

You may have a different view, but to me he is like Hemingway, F Scott Fitzgerald and Thomas Wolfe all in one. And Thomas Wictor, of course.

Be under no illusions. Thomas will HATE me saying this, but he's going to be a famous public figure.

We were there at the start.

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Direct from the party of tolerance...

Rush Limbaugh's cancer diagnosis sparks of nasty tweets

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The DOJ should arrest Ciaramella.

Go to wherever the rat is hiding out and haul him in for some hard questions.

The guy is front and center in a coup attempt and no one is allowed to utter his name.

Fine - arrest and charge him, then. Just like you or I would be, for doing less than half of what this creep & his buddies have been up to.

It's well beyond time that the DOJ started moving against these crooks. Time to put the fear of God into them!

The end.

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Thomas Sowell
“People like Paul Krugman were saying that when Trump gets in, the economy is going to tank. No. The economy hit new highs. There are so many people, especially among the intelligentsia, who are absolutely immune to facts.”

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Eric ciarmella may get hurt if anyone finds out Eric ciarmella is the whistleblower. Best to not say Eric ciarmella. If Eric ciarmella wants to come forward as the whistleblower.. we should leave that up to Eric ciarmella. So please refrain from saying Eric ciarmella, thanks 👍

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Bolton will almost certainly be called as a witness, which will allow Trump to take the stand and present some form of concrete factual evidence.

This is all being orchestrated.

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