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@TudorDixon: "This November, let’s send Gretchen Whitmer crying into her Fauci pillow! [image]"

(H/T @KurtSchlichter RT )

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The days of playing nice with socialist Dems must end. It is imperative that Rep Party leaders understand the stakes involved in the upcoming elections. The future of the USA will be determined in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

Republicans can no longer govern by making corrupt deals with progressive Democrats and trying to impress their enemies in the left-wing media. GOP voters want to save America and Republican Party elected officials must lead or get out of the way.

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Just Because....

There are two kinds of people in the world...

Those who dig Ennio Morricone...and those who dig.

Dig It?

Behold the Danish National Symphony Orchestra (and Chorus) demonstrating who they are.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Merry Christmas everyone! Mrs. JAFO and I wish you the happiest of Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

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Merry Christmas! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you His peace, both now and forevermore. Amen.

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Merry Christmas everyone.

Saigon Christmas morning. The only one in my house but I feel surrounded, far from alone, and definitely not lonely.

No Christmas decorations this year - no tree, lights, music, nothing. But it feels decorated to the hilt in the Spirit of the Christmas holiday.

Never been in a group like this before. So much salt of the earth in one place. What an amazing family you all are.

Thank you.

Me and "Dirty Pierre" from Australia. Salty. Not a malicious bone in his body.

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Merry Christmas to all, wherever you are. Thankful for everybody.

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Merry Christmas, quods. May all your Christmases be bright. May there be peace on earth and good will towards men (and women and every other being) on earth. Thanks for being a haven for sanity (most of the time.)

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In addition, some arguments that I saw regarding the vaccines simply don't make sense in a very basic level.

For example, the question ``Why vaccinate people if they are healthy?''.

This is unrelated to Pfizer, COVID, vaccine efficiency, or anything else.

This is not understanding the basic idea of a vaccine in general, as a PREVENTIVE medicine.

And accusing me of being a stooge or a Big Pharma minion for that is sheer stupidity, again, unrelated to the current vaccine.


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It's finally going down in Virginia. Tonight we'll have a pretty good idea.

This election was, from the beginning, McAwful's to lose. He has made a series of stupid mistakes, and Youngkin has run a he'll of a campaign.

But do not count the chickens until the eggs hay hatch.

It will come down to voters showing up. If you live in VA and have not voted yet, do. NOW. Get your friends and fa.ily to move their arse.

We have a chance to flip the state lock, stock and barrel.

Now it's ours to lose.

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Not even close
You can’t capture the soul of darkness because the spirit would probably start the camera on fire

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You Libs Made Your Cesspool, Now Float In It

The cities are devolving into chaos, and perhaps that’s good – people too dumb to learn from experience or from those who know better have to learn from something, and if that’s pain, well, pain’s a great teacher.

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(20) So enjoy your tantrum.

Break a few windows. Steal a few Rolexes, Ruin a few lives in black neighborhoods.

That's what you do best, after all.

And prepare to be forgotten.

Your "Involution" has already failed.


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He is worse than a liar... he is an irrelevant liar. And we are paying him handsomely to continue his lies.

He does more harm than good, which, last I checked, is not really in keeping with his Hippocratic Oath... and his lies certainly violate his oath of office.

Fire him now... and then begin the investigation into his behavior.

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