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- DeSantis
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- Haley

I am pleased that Congressman Trent Franks recognized Saul Montes-Bradley's @Debradelai unique understanding of the issues, as seen in this clip.


💩💩💩💩 Alert….

The Idaho jail where the man suspected of killing four University of Idaho students is being held is trying to accommodate his vegan diet requirements.


Yapping With Saul:
"Congressional Talibans: A Match Made in Hell...Or The DNC."

Saul Montes-Bradley has a live open interaction with viewers.

YOU chose what we discuss. Today, we start with the recalcitrant "Taliban 20" in Congress. Stupidity run amock.

Thursday, live, 9:30pm Eastern


Some commenter points out that the question is whether Richer "ran" the PAC, rather than "created" or "started" it. Presumably there's a factual foundation that he ran it as well...

@joelpollak: "In other words, the Hunter Biden laptop wasn't just ordinary negative information about a candidate. It was the whole ballgame: it proved that @JoeBiden had abused his office; that he was owned by China and other powers; and that the Trump impeachment was a cover-up by Democrats.


>@joelpollak: 'The importance of the Hunter Biden laptop is it shows that @JoeBiden was engaged in shady deals with China; that he enriched himself using his son's corrupt foreign deals; and that Trump was right to suspect Biden's role in Ukraine (for which Trump was impeached). Hence, silence.

>>@ScottAdamsSays: 'The Twitter revelation that the truth about Hunter's laptop was intentionally blocked by the Left has been...

intentionally blocked by the left.

We should have seen that coming.'"

is there a reasonable path for any GOP candidate in 2024 without NV, AZ, GA, MI, and PA? another 4 years of biden is looking more and more likely by the day.

I am currently checking the Nevada’s senate race every other second.
Exhausted to think about anything else at the moment and my thumb hurts.😂

Your feelings and feedback on President Trump.

What's going on?

I like DeSantis and I Love Trump.
Trump has taken daggers from all sides for us. AMERICA.

bronx EV is horrific for the dems. that's where most of their NYC votes come from.


Praying for the safety of the synagogues and all their attendees and neighbors.

But where is @BarackObama going? That would be the states they're most concerned about. Joe in MD is just getting him out of the way. 😉


What gas pipeline explosion?

Disclaimer: not promoting any religious ideology.

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