1. I really don't think anyone is really taking me seriously (except for you a few others) about how bad the situation is in California about the AB5 bill. You can't hire a landscaper, a tutor, a nanny, and offices can't hire independent contractors. Musical theatre and opera companies had begun stopping operations and writers/photographers stopped getting work. No-one is understanding this, or maybe I'm not writing the right things.


2. No more music festivals, events, wedding shoots, orchestras. Not only has this driven hard core leftists to the right, but hard core leftists IN OTHER STATES who also FREELANCE. We are talking about MA, NY, NJ -- LEFTISTS. They are freaking out and realizing that if Biden gets in, NO-ONE WILL EVER FREELANCE AGAIN. Biden said he will be the strongest labor president EVER.


3. Not only is there the Pro Act, which was just passed to ban freelancers through the HOUSE, there was a second bill introduced in the Senate a few days ago to ban freelancers and push EVERYONE INTO A UNION. The 56 MILLION FREELANCERS NOW GET IT. They have no choice to but to get it.


@Lisa22 @timr

I make my living as a freelancer, so I've been paying close attention to it. The company I contract for has at least one writer in CA, probably more. I'm not sure how they're making things work out. But the whole mess is just terrible. By wanting freelancers to receive better treatment, they're killing off freelance gigs. Perfect example of a road to hell paved with good intentions.

CA is just a giant train wreck.

@eggs @timr

The bill was created to push everyone into unions and enact heavy fines on people who employed people as freelancers...a recent amendment was done to help writers and a few other professions but only certain kinds of writers (not journalists). I agree with you about CA being a train wreck. Newsom is Nero in olden Rome.


Your threads on this topic are important and informative.

I have learned more about the political and business environment in California here than from anything else.

That issue clearly transcends party lines and every demographic.

The self-destructive nihilism of the left crushes everything, but they have gone much too far.

I see it here, too.

There is no way to predict the renewed support for freedom and the rebellion against the left.

Data and polls do not begin to capture it

@timr @Lisa22 Lisa keep plugging. Your threads are very informative. Governor Murphy in NJ is killing my relatives' livelihoods in the restaurant biz. It's all the same. I'm optimistic that kids who are now not able to make a buck connect that with the Dems. I've never seen government strangling the right to work in my lifetime and I'm 59. I hope it eases up for you in CA. If not move. I moved to FL 14 years ago. There are lots of beautiful places to call home.

@Joycevor @timr @Lisa22

Native born Los Angeles here as well. (yeah I live in Rochester, NY but that's another long story).

I've already made plans to move out of NY soon , possibly into Florida.

There's absolutely no way in hell I can move back to CA, despite families.

Lisa, please keep posting about AB5. I will ask my deaf friends if they're impacted by AB5.

@RockyRoad @Joycevor @timr

Thank you, I really appreciate it!! I bet they have, as interpreters and translators for the deaf were impacted as well. There was an amendment that may have helped, but it was so specific that it rules out workers in the same industry.

@RockyRoad @Joycevor @timr @Lisa22

We're still in CA and plan to stay for now. Our area is safe.

If you have a chance to move to FLA grab it!

@Joycevor @timr

Thank you!! I appreciate that. I really want to move and was planning on it before the pandemic...however, I have some family things I have to sort out. I've been looking at Tennessee. I still have some homework to do.

@Joycevor @timr @Lisa22
I really feel sorry for those businesses. I'm really getting ticked by idiots like Mayor Walsh and the governor Baker here in Boston. It's not a pretty sight seeing these businesses struggle with all these covid regulations when I walk aroung my neighborhood. It's just ridiculous.

Some people need to see what AB5 has been doing first hand. It's pathetic that they will do that in California. These asshats in California must be totally controlled by unions.

@redwhitebluedude @timr @Lisa22 I worked with Charlie Baker for 3 months in NYC in the '80's. He was doing a summer internship with Merrill Lynch. He was charming, and a pleasant co-worker. As the admin asst. I worked closely with him. I was most struck by his daily dedication to reading The Boston Globe. It was clear that his career path was politics. I've never been fond of the leading by gauging the political temperature method of politics.

@Joycevor @timr @Lisa22

Joyce do you do any work in the St. Augustine area? GF will be checking it out. Thanks!

@athena12 @timr @Lisa22 Athena I don't. BUT - if she needs a referral to a St. A agent - I work for Berkshire Hathaway and I can ask for one within their referral network to recommend to her. St. A is one of the coolest, creepiest, touristy, next to the beach places ever. It's one of the few places in the U.S. apart from Boston, DC, NYC, where you can feel the layer of centuries. I spent a half day there when my husband was undergoing some health testing at Mayo Clinic nearby. I will return.

@Joycevor @timr @Lisa22

Thanks, I will let you know. She has a case in Orlando(?) and plans to detour to St.A. to check it out.

I was there in 1984 and I loved it-also the nearby 'gator farm! Beautiful babies!


Thank you!! I really appreciate that and I also really appreciate your comments and posts.

This has really torn California up. But we also have the fires, blackouts (I don't have blackouts where I am but it was looking possible) and I think people are waking up. We still have some hardcore Biden voters, even freelancers, but people are just ignoring them now. We did have an ad run against AB5 during the debates, which was GREAT.

@Lisa22 @timr

There is a thing, not a city, named the phoenix.

With that said, you can understand the inference.

@RonOgletree @timr

Yes!! Hopefully we can emerge out of this much better with Trump's re-election.

@Lisa22 @timr

I get it, and I think it's insane. But California is insane and it's on the complete other side of the continent from me and I have no say in their government.

I'm voting Trump and a straight ticket. I hope for my countrymen's sake that the president has tackled enough of the voter fraud for the Californian people to be able to pick their own representation.

It's very sad. California used to be really cool. A center of innovation, now it's the seat of totalitarianism.

@mrbungle @timr

Thank you :) Yes, California was GREAT. But people who are several generations of Californian are leaving. It's sad.

@Lisa22 What is the reason behind this? I am not understanding why they want to force a whole industry to unionize. Is it to better control them? @timr

@Ballerina @Lisa22 @timr

Labor unions are inspired by Marxist theory, (the workers of the world unite against the bosses, lower class rises up through 'organization' against THE MAN.

An ethos born out of Marxism will generate political capital, and organization leads to power. Power is at the root. Marx is at the soul of the labor union.

And...yes...politically, codified 'blocks' of like-minded people generate a stable voting base and are also easier to control.

@Clayrjr That’s what I thought. And so their error is not understanding the freelance spirit. They are free. They will never submit to being controlled. So what? We get another euphemism? Like affirmative action was? What will it be for freelancers? I’ll take any and all suggestions... @Lisa22 @timr

@Clayrjr @Ballerina @Lisa22 @timr and the workers get screwed. Right UAW echelon being prosecuted right & left. Buying 10,000$ pens embezzlement etc. many going to jail. We are also the home of Jimmy Hoffa.

@Ballerina @timr

More money and more power for the unions. The unions have now union organizers as politicians in CA.

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