Update on AB5, the job-killing bill in California:

1. So there was a hearing where another bill was introduced to possibly suspend AB5...and this one congresswoman basically said about the millions of freelancers, "we're taking away their lollipops!" Keep in mind this woman is married to a retired judge, so she has nothing to worry about. She reps the area of Santa Barbara.

2. To say that the freelancers are angry would be an UNDERSTATEMENT. Some of them have had businesses going on 20 or 30 years. They are calling this woman's office and sending her THOUSANDS OF LOLLIPOPS. There are a few die-hard Democrats that still pour the hate on the GOP and Trump, but they get drowned out by the others.

3. This one statement stood out to me: a Dem saying he would never, never vote Democrat again after they took away his business, after what they did to his life. Many likes on that one. These people are motivated, they are organized, and they are not giving up. I truly believe that CA will turn red in November.

4. Oh, and the "Lollipop" congresswmoan is of course, a Democrat.



Keep in mind that similar bills to AB5 are now being pushed in NY, NJ, MA, WA and Illinois.


That contemptuous Lollipop needs to be voted out of her job, and those Democrats will certainly serve that up for her. I also see CA turning Red/Trump.


She's retiring in November, but apparently has a horrible protege lined up to take her seat. The freelancers are already planning to work on that.


I'd like to know what you and @Argentum47 think of Young Kim's chances in her rematch against Gil Cisneros for the CA39 race in November.

@timr @Argentum47

Oh, thanks! I have not been following that race, I'm sorry. Mostly following the people involved with the AB5 bill, both Dems and Republicans trying to push back.

@timr @Argentum47

I'll tell you what, though -- I knew Hillary would probably lose when I saw hardly any bumper stickers or signs in Los Angeles, not even on the west side. My friend lives in Orange County and saw none there either. I had a good feeling then that Trump would win.

@timr @Lisa22

I think they could be a bit better, now that Garcia proved his mettle. CA-39 is a similar kind of district.

@Argentum47 @Lisa22

Thanks - I was wondering if they were similar.

Young Kim looks like an impressive candidate

@timr @Argentum47 @Lisa22

Young Kim already won that seat before they ballot-harvested it away from her in 2018.

It was heart wrenching to watch. I'm sure her team is out for vengeance this year.

@mrbungle @Argentum47 @Lisa22

Yes - I was wondering that. I remember watching the results - more than any other race in the CA ballot harvesting theft.

@timr @Argentum47 @Lisa22

There were at least three GOP flips that got reversed with harvested ballots. If I remember correctly.

@timr @mrbungle @Lisa22

Steve Knight was doomed from the start. CA-25 was an 8.7% victory for Krazy Katie.

@timr @mrbungle @Lisa22

The others were much closer.

Districts 48 and 49 (OC and SD beaches) were tougher.

@Argentum47 @mrbungle @Lisa22

Is Darrell Issa likely to hold Duncan Hunter's seat for the GOP?

@timr @mrbungle @Lisa22

He should. It’s the reddest part of San Diego County. He actually represented part of the area under the old district lines before 2010.

@Argentum47 @timr @Lisa22

I think the "Republicans are evil" trope has intimidated people for a long time. It's an effective psychological warfare technique to sow self-doubt in your opponents.

President Trump has broken that spell and showed that the opposite is true. It really makes a difference, but people take a bit of time to break their habit patterns. Every two years more do.

This is DJTs greatest achievement. He has broken the spell that Democrats cast over Americans..

@mrbungle @Argentum47 @Lisa22

The Democrats are working every day, overtime, to destroy themselves

@timr @mrbungle @Argentum47

There was something else on the last ballot that panicked everyone -- the Dems want to overturn Prop 13. Prop 13 has been a long standing law that has kept the Dems from raising property taxes sky high -- if it happened, many elderly citizens would literally be out on the street. The good thing is, people were very aware of it in California and voted it down. The Dems tried to get it in as a bond measure "helping schools."

@mrbungle @timr @Argentum47 @Lisa22

Young Kim is running an aggressive campaign. She beat Cisneros by 7,000 votes (51%-44% in the 2020 primary).

@timr @mrbungle @Argentum47 @Lisa22

Kim is taking nothing for granted and is working hard. She wuz robbed in '18 - won't get caught unawares this time.

@mrbungle Republicans better learn how to do ballot harvesting...

@timr @Lisa22

The principal cities in this tri-county district are Fullerton and Yorba Linda (Orange), Diamond Bar and Walnut (LA) and Chino Hills (San Bernardino).

Just as CA-25 houses the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA-39 houses the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda.

@timr @Lisa22

That part of the OC has been traditionally red, even with the presence of UC Fullerton, but the loss of Republicans to other states and the influence of millennials and minority voters has shifted things.

Young Kim makes the most sense as Asians in the OC tend to be more conservative than in other parts of the state, such as LA and The Bay Area.

@timr @Argentum47

Many parts are, yes. It also includes areas like Laguna Beach, etc. with multi million dollar houses.

@Lisa22 @timr

Hillary won this district by a similar margin as CA-25. A margin of 8.6%. However, John Cox got more votes than Newsom, getting a tight .8%.

Some of that vote could have been effete, moderate country club Republicans as well.

@Argentum47 @Lisa22

Maybe there will be ticket splitting in November if those same country clubbers don't like Trump.

We have those here in MA as well - in significant numbers


Democrats APPEAR to hate rugged individuals, through and through.


Every transformation is precious. How do we encourage more defection?


I think it's happening all on its own, lol!! At least here in California. The AB5 bill really sealed the deal. People are waking up in masses.


I guess it was HER speak, lol. I suggested we call ourselves after the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz!

One of my favorite songs from that musical. On a more serious note, she'll regret that statement one day. Pathetic.


I think she already does. Yes, she is totally pathetic. The freelancers are comparing her to Marie Antoinette ("Let them eat cake"!). I gotta say, there's a lot of creative people in that group making memes and gifs.

I'm sure many of them were left leaning prior to this bill. Nothing like seeing someone take away your livelihood and then villainize you for protesting against their actions.


There are SO MANY Democrats in the group I am in. A lot of creatives, but also single moms, disabled, chronically ill, retired people. They have woken up and they are on fire to get all these leftists/union goons voted out.


Man, if California does turn red we have to have some kind of party at Quodverum!!

@Lisa22 If you all have a party and rent a limo, I am so flying out from El Paso. Or Driving. I am as close to you as I am to Dallas. @TenniSommelier @carolinacally

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