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From The National Association of Gun Rights:

BREAKING: SCOTUS overturns mag bans, assault weapons ban, and carry ban," Go back and redo in light of what we said in Bruen." This means: The 9th Circuit now has to apply text, history, and tradition to those anti-gun laws.

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Jonathan Turley
The President calling for another exception today to the filibuster rule repeats the mistake of his former colleague Harry Reid when as Majority Leader he ended the rule for Supreme Court nominations...

...While some of us warned that it would prove costly to Democrats when they lost the majority, they ignored the advice. Ironically, the current Court (which the President has continued to attack) is the result of that ill-considered decision...


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...What is most striking is that the Democrats may be only a couple months away from losing the majority again. Yet, they are again calling for the reduction or elimination of a rule protecting the minority...

...For the President to make this call before the midterm elections is like the captain of the Titanic immediately calling for all lifeboats to be burned when he spotted the approaching iceberg.


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Re-posting one of my favorite videos of Justice Clarence Thomas, his unaffected infectious laugh and his friendliness. From a street media video 2021.

No gurus. No gurus. Don't believe a thing.

Trying to discern after bad bad burns in admin in all 3 branches 2015-2021, and such in local in Georgia.

I love him, though. National treasure.

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June 30,2022 GOP fundraiser in McAllen,TX. Glad to have met Tx-34 Congresswoman Mayra Flores. Keep working the local scene y'all. It's where the difference is made.

The pretty lady is my Mom.
I'm constantly reminded how she brought me into this world and she can take me out. 😆❤️

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BREAKING! CNN is reporting there are rumors among people close to the Secret Service that President Trump was REALLY MAD that he couldn't go to the capitol!


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Under Anesthesia, Where Do Our Minds Go?

My note ✍️
Every time I come out of anesthesia, I make a real idiot of myself and it lasts for hours. I remember absolutely nothing. Husband says I am not very nice either (to put it mildly).
I just try to warn everyone in hospital in advance that I have a horrible reaction. Last time I woke up I threw a fit because husband did not have my phone to read me my Trump tweets while I was unconscious for hours. My poor husband!

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That is extremely generous of spirit and makes me think we still have compassion and people are essentially good.

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Ever see an epic game of Bitey-Face, French Bulldog style?


Well, I gotcha covered.

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So... If the Atlanta Fed's GDP projection from earlier this week, that 2nd qtr GDP growth was -1%, was accurate... I could see the final projection from Biden's FED be barely positive, through creative accounting. To help Dems before midterms.

But the newest Atlanta Fed projection... Well, if IT is correct... I can't see Biden's folks covering things up.



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Joe Turkel, 1927-2022

Actor whose credits include supporting roles in “The Shining” and “Blade Runner.”

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So, I'm still up.

Almost 2 AM.

Why? Because I got a wild idea at 9 to reorganize my office/mancave and I'm almost done.

You'll see a little hint on the next QuodMeet.

Yes, I'll be there.

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That's it. It's official: Two consecutive quarters of negative GDP. The United States has officially entered the

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So... We have rats.

They have been nesting in our (old) attic for more than a year.

We added to our house over a decade ago, so we never go up to the old (closed off) attic.

We started seeing them a couple of months back... Put out poison, which killed some.

It ain't enough.

The pest control company came today and... All the insulation in the old attic needs to be removed. Because the urine and feces there will attract MORE rats otherwise.


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A memo from President H.W. Bush to his staff not to feed his dog, Ranger, 1992. 😁

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