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@IrredeemableOne I love how the Dems always come back to one private statement that was said, when the left had actresses willing to return to Weinstein to whore themselves to get a part. They got a part alright and then cried to the public about it while not mentioning giving in to Weinstein got them their next acting role. Weinstein got all the “pussy” he wanted. Maybe those women should be serving time with him.

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@HectorHeathcote @redwhitebluedude

LOL! Excuse me stewardess, I speak Leftist ...

Translation: "It's racist and/or rich elitism [insert intersection(alities) here] for you to want to make decisions about your child's education & welfare when your taxes pay us to indoctrinate them."

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The damage Obama has done to this Republic pales in comparison to the damage he inflicted on the Democratic Party.

We may yet have to thank him.

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@timr @REX @Lisa22 He is the next FDR if it’s: Freaking Desperate Radical.

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@wziminer @REX @timr I don’t like Lyn-Manuel Miranda as a person, but he does have talent. However, the film “The Madness of King George” with the late Sir Nigel Hawthorne and Sir Ian Holm plays on the symptoms of
King George III’s madness as considered in the king’s time with almost painful exactness. A great film if you can catch it.

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This is just one of the reasons why Kamala Harris is going to be rejected by everyone except extreme left progs.

She's a phony. A total fraud.

Harris is supporting a guy who she believes rapes and sexually assaults women.

Let that sink in.

Says everything you need to know about Kamala Harris. She's a political hooker, a cynical empty vessel, willing to pimp herself out for any price - just for a hit of power.

No wonder her Dad can't stand her. I hear the Bernie Bros are pissed, as well.


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@Lisa22Two plus years ago, I paid for and flew out to NYC to see this show on Broadway. It was worth every penny, and I bought a year of Disney to enjoy watching it again. I love this show. I know a lot of people hate it, but it's brilliantly written, uses a lot of the original dialogue that was preserved in our history, and needs to be watched by our populace. @REX @timr

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Leftist insanity.

Biden has 'written black women into history'.

Joe Biden??!! Yeah. With Kamala Harris, apparently.

These prog narcissists truly believe that Trump is on the ropes and that a Biden/Harris ticket is an historic winner.

Too funny.

It's like 60 million + voters in 2016 and the electoral college just don't exist. And if the voters do exist, they're just too dumb to understand the IMPORTANCE of the moment.


Lets see what happens, I guess.

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Until yesterday it was strange to me that the Dems weren't focussing on the key issue - how to win the EC after the 2016 disaster.

But now I understand. They HAVE been focusing on that question. They genuinely believe that this ticket is the answer.

Why? They think 2016 was an accident and that voters still follow FakeNews.

Plus, they believe that they are superior in every way and therefore that victory is something that they are entitled to.

They're a total MESS.

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@timr @Dawnz

Lest we forget the massive revenue losses they're inflicting on college sports programs - among other 'leftist' funding sources.

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@Lonestar @Dawnz

The shutdown is crushing the Democrats across the education spectrum.

I posted before about the sharp decline in student voting - the vast majority of whom are Democrats - due to the campus shutdown.

That is even more of a problem for the Democrats than it seemed a month ago.

Loss of power, loss of voters, loss of control, loss of privilege, loss of influence - the shutdown is a fiasco for the Dems in education and academia in every way

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@timr @REX

The Biden boat already hit the iceberg. They thought bringing Harris was going to prevent it from sinking. With her baggage, it's going to go down much quicker.

At this point, it doesn't matter what they do, they lost this election 4 years ago.

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@DennisCampbel16 @REX @Lisa22

Politics give meaning to the lives of so many leftists. Conservatives usually do not find identity in politics. It is a means to an end.

Leftists have to face an inner void if they admit the Left is intellectually, morally and spiritually bankrupt and evil.

There are Dem leaders who know. Axelrod and Rendell know, and sometimes admit it. Bill Clinton knows.

Clinton is still sharp and perceptive about the Dems. But he is now a disgraced relic.

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@DennisCampbel16 @REX @Lisa22

It takes courage. Their number is growing. The walk away posts on youtube and twitter are impressive.

It takes character to admit being wrong. Critical thinking and independence - and then freedom.

But the majority on the Left cannot and will not face the reality. It means the death of their inner world and their assumptions about reality.

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@DennisCampbel16 @REX @Lisa22

The majority of leftists won't allow themselves to figure it out. They won't acknowledge Obama's failure and his disastrous impact on their own party.

From what I have observed, most of those Democrats who do break with the party and the Left in general go through a period of realization, when they understand that party they were members promote lies and false and dangerous ideology join the walk away movement, either officially or privately.

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San Francisco. Pretty good comments under the article. Almost no one likes this. What sane person would?

'Street Crisis Response Team' To Replace Law Enforcement On Behavioral Health Calls

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Tuesday announced the creation of a new 24-hour Street Crisis Response Team that would be used to respond to behavioral health emergencies in the place of law enforcement.

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@REX @timr @Lisa22

'If I could run, Trump would be defeated. Instead, these hapless lackies are all you have left.'

Hillary ran to continue Obama's agenda. So, in essence, Trump defeated Obama and Hillary. When are they gonna figure that out?

A majority of Americans don't want what Obama is trying to sell us.

The one's that do, aren't smart enough to figure it out.

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@REX @Lisa22

Obama was supposed to be the new FDR.

The GOP landslides of 2010 and 2014 completely destroyed that dream, before Trump. But reality never interfered with Obama and his cult followers.

Now he is an asterisk. But in his own mind, he remains the rejected genius.

The Time cover stories from 2008 and 2009:

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