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Tomorrow, Project Veritas will expose ABC News’ agenda to mislead voters and push their own narratives. ‬

‪You aren’t going to want to miss it. ‬

‪See it first, sign up here:‬

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@KenLarkin @redwhitebluedude

Journey was always one of my all-time favorites, until Steve left.

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For Carlos Osweda re the insane person.

‘Also, she feels fear.
I've confirmed that.’

I would hide little Bluetooth speakers in the brush and have them play scary sound effects when she’s around. Animal and monster growls. I’d even experiment w scary movie scores. And Flashing lights/sirens.

If you know she goes to one spot, scary images.

It’s a little cruel, but schizophrenics can often be easily spooked.

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August 12, 1985 The last photo inside Japan Airlines flight 123, minutes before the crash. This photo was recovered from a camera found at the crash site.

The aircraft crashed in a remote mountainous location which delayed the arrival of rescue teams for 14 hours which resulted in more people dying of their wounds.

Cockpit voice recorder.

One hour documentary of the tragedy.

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@SpiceOfOurLife @bjssunshine @Lisa22 @2020_DJT @watspn1013 @Iamnata @watch4thedrop

I love Quod peeps. They are unique, special, down to earth, real. And warm. We lift up each other in hard times and celebrate good times. And bring some darn good debate to the table in the middle. Best and blessings all.

@Debradelai @masterblaster @JM @Dawnz @kbrendell @umad80 @Lemonhead

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@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @SpiceOfOurLife @Lisa22 @2020_DJT @watspn1013 @Iamnata @watch4thedrop @Debradelai @masterblaster @JM @Dawnz @kbrendell @umad80 @Lemonhead

It is amazing how we can start off with Sotomayer to (diabetic. "but not her bullshit) to Keto diet to more than I have yakked in a while. Again thank you all. Now back to regular scheduled programming.😂 😂 😂

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@SpiceOfOurLife @Dawnz @bjssunshine @Lisa22 @2020_DJT @Iamnata @watch4thedrop

We are just one big family here to offer support & prayers for all.

Glad you can feel the love Tuxi! 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

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@Lisa22 @2020_DJT @watspn1013 @Iamnata @watch4thedrop

Actually I have. For the last year and half have had a great team, my local doctor that has coordinated with Dr. Jones, Dr Lyon and Dr. Robinette. (plus he sent me to Dr. Bravao) Been smothered with great care. 2 are in Little Rock and 1 in Pine Bluff.
Have absolutely no gripes about how they are taking care of me.
Not meaning to whine, over it now. Just thank God every day for Blessings and love of friends, some I have never met.

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@bjssunshine @Lisa22 @2020_DJT @watspn1013 @Iamnata @watch4thedrop That is great that the doctors are working together so well. Best wishes for your treatment plan and how all is going!😊❤️🙏🏻❤️🐈❤️

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@bjssunshine @Lisa22 @2020_DJT @watspn1013 @Iamnata @watch4thedrop You are very welcome! Everybody has been so kind to me in my health situations that I want to do the same for all who have things going on in their lives health wise. I give a Big Thank You to all for the live, prayers and Best Wishes you have given me!😊❤️🙏🏻❤️🐈❤️

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@watspn1013 @2020_DJT @Iamnata @watch4thedrop

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. Appreciate your support.💕 💕 💕

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@2020_DJT ❤️ Awwwww! That is cute! Peach likes to chirp and trill so he sounds like a bird at times. It’s so cute! He has arthritis and had pancreatitis so when he would jump on the TV cart he would meow at us so we knew something was wrong. He is eating well so he is recovering from the pancreatitis. He has always been an anxious cat so he is a constant pacer. We now have him on Gabapentin for pain and it also is mildly sedating, an anti-anxiety med. That should make him less tense and allow

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Wow, the unintended consequences of Democrats hating the American entrepreneurial spirit just keep multiplying!!

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@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @2020_DJT @Debradelai @ThomasWic

For me, after the first episode I learned to prepare with a glass of wine, comfy chair, pup in his crate, and no background noise.

Always an interesting learning experience, like sitting over a dinner table and listening to a stimulating conversation between friends.

A blessing for which I'm grateful!
Thank you, gentlemen!

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Regarding Beard Blather - all episodes through number 4: I watched and listened to all 4. My comment to these gentleman was the following:

Incredible. I've found that I may not have lost as many brain cells as originally suspected, but that they were just lying dormant waiting for intelligent input for stimulus. Thank you from the bottom of my cerebrum!

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Justice Sotomayor accused some SCOTUS justices of being biased in favor of Trump!

Some justices agree at times w/ Trump against nationwide injunctions set by U.S. District Court judges.

Sotomayor calls justices BIASED—ignoring judge’s rulings were WRONG!

Sotomayor implied there exists a flagrant bias that creates the impression Trump has a majority of the SCOTUS justices in his pocket.

Some of Roberts rulings belie that implication!

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While some people like their jobs, most Americans do not work for pleasure. They work for money. If the government takes most of the money, they'll either leave the country, taking their money with them, or stop working.

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