POTUS doesn't understand the arrogance among some aviators.

Capt. Crozier was a naval aviator.

Takes a special kind of man do drive an F18.

Mad respect for him.

Not all of 'em make great commanders however.



And I'm NOT criticizing aviators in general.

Been around enough of them over the years to get their mentality.

@Lonestar @HectorHeathcote

Your criticism is well placed.

Crozier appears to be a good guy, but mistaken and arrogant.

Had he followed the chain of command or even used the proper communications channel, he'd still be in command of TR.

His boss was two doors away and he never went there.

Besides his errors in fact, he made a huge error in judgement.

NAVSEC was right.

@Debradelai @Lonestar @HectorHeathcote

100% right.


SecNav didn't help with anti-military media waiting in the wings. Now the President is forced to step in. Will he reverse the firing, give Crozier honorable discharge? The man has Covid-19. Should he die from the disease, I can only imagine what the media will do to Trump.

This president has so much to deal with - and now this nonsense. If only we could stop the media.

@AmareVita @Lonestar @HectorHeathcote

He wasn't discharged. He was relieved from command as he should have been.

The President will NOT reverse the order.

I don't care if the SOB has leprosy and cancer of the balls.

The media is powerless and irrelevant in this matter.

Nobody will remember this moron until he resurfaces as some kind of analyst in CNN.

@Debradelai @Lonestar @HectorHeathcote

I hope you're not right about the CNN analyst thing. Then he should be Court Martialed.

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