Well this would make Brennan the ring leader of this Russia hoax, the question is who is the bigger ring leader, Obama or him?🤔



@Debradelai @redwhitebluedude

Obama's pathological hubris and Malignant Narcissism wouldn't allow anyone else to be in charge or lead this coup.

@Linnie @Debradelai @redwhitebluedude
Valerie Jarrett probably a big influence too, but she doesn't call the shots.

@Linnie @Debradelai @redwhitebluedude

But who handles Obama? How does Valerie Jarrett tie in? How does Soros tie in?

@AmareVita @Linnie @redwhitebluedude

"The Puppetteer" handles them both!

Who handles the handler who handles the handler of the handler! eh? eh?

Obsession with Soros is a mental illness.

@Debradelai @AmareVita @Linnie
"Obsession with Soros is a mental illness."

Like peddling conspiracy theories. Could not have said it better.

@Debradelai @Linnie @redwhitebluedude

And this is why I enjoy Quod Verum! Thank you for the clarification.

@Debradelai @AmareVita @Linnie @redwhitebluedude

“This is the guy behind the guy behind the guy.” - David Mamet’s “Things Change.”

@redwhitebluedude @Linnie @Debradelai so agree with you, too. O was a puppet his 1st 4 yrs, an outlaw the last 4. He didn't know his *as from a hole in the ground. Once he was manipulated so his "handlers" got what they wanted, he just did his own thing--with a phone and a pen 🤯

@redwhitebluedude @Linnie @Debradelai well, all I have is my itta bitta research and my gut. But, all signals pointed to that for me.

@Linnie @Debradelai @redwhitebluedude

I’ve never believed that O was smart enough to do anything on his own. I don’t think he orchestrated this coup, I think he simply signed off on it. His advisors just fed his ego and then proposed the plans that they wanted implemented. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Dems and the media, who have shielded him from everything for 10 years, would turn on him and make HIM the fall guy? Maybe I’m nuts, but I can see that happening.

@spinmaven @Linnie @Debradelai
The way he was brought up suggest dysfunction and the influences that he has had makes him anti constitutional.

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