Now.that Hills has been uninvited to the cybersecurity conference, are they deleting the roundtable discussions on the following:

1. How to BleachBit your computer in three easy steps.

2. How to delete 30K emails in under 15 minutes.

3. How to set up a home server in your bathroom to evade the law and continue money laundering undetected.



Dear Thomas: I want to thank you as this is the first time I ever posted an article.

You answered a question from a newbie today about doing exactly this: posting something we have read. Luckily I saw your answer.


I am stoked. Now maybe I can can contribute something, as so many others have done for me.

Again, thank you for helping out some of us that aren't very computer savvy.

I am so grateful to be here and unchained from Twatter.


Most people here post links.

We seem to be a place of learning.


Yes it sure is and I love it. I hope to help spread some fun stuff now that I know how- finally!!


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