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Finally, the US State Dept has issued an official bulletin on the Nordstream accident.

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At THIS point , What I Hope and pray for is Righteousness.

Righteous Judges.
Righteous Attys.
Righteous clients.
Shiii , Righteous Janitors.

Im so done with people skirting, cutting,and finding the easy way- when America was not made the easy way.

It was made first off with the shedding of blood.

I can't expect for righting the ship to be any less than what out forefathers had to do.

Pray for me as I pray for you. We can do this.

The Best Is Yet To Come. 🙏🇺🇸

I sit here sickened because a president with dementia calls us “semi-fascists.”

I trace this vitriol from those insane lefties to one thing: The 2016 victory by President Trump.

One man.
Revealed their sickness.
Hard for me to fathom.

I can hardly be civil to those whom I know voted for him- solely because he wasn’t Trump.

I want off this insanity ride!!!

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Spain bans setting the AC below 27 degrees Celsius otherwise known as 81 degrees fahrenheit.

It joins other European countries' attempts to reduce energy use in the face of rising temperatures and fuel costs.


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Finally got around to self-publishing my science fiction novel. At its core it is a story of conservatism as a counterculture movement in a distant future society where socialism and decadent liberal culture dominates.

I've worked on this book for the last five years and finally getting it done and posted has me psyched.

Canis: Unrest Amid a Sea of Stars

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@Linnie @darulharb

As I have opined before many times on liberal, Marxists groups,

They are only interested in having "issues" from which to raise money for doing not a fucking thing.

Find a solution for their "issues" and they will come at you with the government guns (media) drawn on you.

You are killing their 100% profit margins.


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Does anyone have an answer to the “why” did this happen?

I live In a Small town (aren’t they all?) in NW MT.

Yesterday at 1:00pm, gas was $4.38. At 4:00pm same station was listed at $4.59.

WTH? I don’t get this at all. 🤬

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Happy Fathers Day to this Doxie dad

Happy Dog
This man has rescued and adopted dogs who have lost the use of their back legs, and every day he walks them to the dog park, where he reattaches their 'wheels,' so they can play. Faith in humanity restored ❤

Didn’t the SCOTUS already rule that cops do NOT have a duty to save you?

“The officers were placed on leave after authorities said they did not intervene as a homeless man drowned in a lake last month.“

Article seems to suggest the cops were talking to him, and then- next paragraph- he hops a metal fence and enters the water and goes 30’ out, then yells for help.

Doesn’t make sense. If true, bad decision fella.

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@Linnie @StevenDouglas @PoserIndex

Side note:

In college I had an instructor in art class who told us to tell him what we thought we deserved as a grade!

I wrote a long explaination on why I felt I deserved a "Q". Abbreviated it was something like:

No letters with straight lines - I rarely use straight lines in my art.

"U" & "S" - curved but incomplete.

"O" - complete but perfect.

"Q" is complete with one little "imperfection" That was how I saw my art.

I got an "A"

Watching PGA golf tournament playoff. Gotta love the guy that screamed, “LET’S GO BRANDON,” for all the world to hear.


In this case, yes the hag is. Criminals will never indict criminals. They’d be exposed too.

Hubby made this today.

Does anyone have an answer to the “why” did this happen?

I live In a Small town (aren’t they all?) in NW MT.

Yesterday at 1:00pm, gas was $4.38. At 4:00pm same station was listed at $4.59.

WTH? I don’t get this at all. 🤬

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@Linnie @YoungBlood

These are the people that continuously tell us how to run our lives.
Put them on display as they are and you soon find that they are Stupid.

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Pet owners, PLEASE consider these facts when you’re too busy walking and texting on a hot day…

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Random useful fun fact:

Cinnamon goes very well in black coffee. Just a small pinch of cinnamon, instead of sugar.

Just a pinch of ground cinnamon, about half the size of a pea. If you drink a lot of coffee, make sure never to take more than half a teaspoon of cinnamon daily.

Cinnamon is a natural anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic agent. Combined with caffeine, it will really give you a boost in the morning.

Ideally, grind fresh cinnamon into powder yourself (from cinnamon sticks).

Wow, quite a few food processing plants have had some big fires lately.

Conspiracy theories abound from Gates to Soros to Russia to …

How about old equipment not being up to code, or boiler (?) operators not trained properly?

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