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Ukraine scandal is an example of how the swamp operates.

On thinking big, what @ThomasWic says. Waiting patiently so that everybody implicated outs themselves then you take the whole network out. You also take out the worst elements or the key instigators out by doing it like that.

It's a nice lesson in being patient.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates

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Yesterday : US-China Phase One signed.
Today : USMCA passed in Senate.

DOW: almost at 30,000 points. On Nov 7, 2016? 18,259.

These are truly historic times. Trump is re-drawing the global trading order, based on the primacy and power of the US economy.

He is a truly great POTUS. Already, IMO, the greatest ever.

FakeNews and corrupt leftists can scream all they like, but they cannot stop what is happening.

Much as they won't be able to stop their own destruction.

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Interesting video of a driver in Iran refusing to drive over painted flags of Israel, the United States & the United Kingdom.

The Iranian people do not follow the mullahs' propaganda & refuse to disrespect other nations.

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Dept. of BigifTrue

"The Feds — including ICE — appear to be investigating Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“At least three departments are reviewing what could be the worst-ever crime spree by an elected US official”

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True. No kidding.

Talking with my partner today, between patients. Internist, and Pharmacologist. Old Vietnam F4 pilot.

He just spoke with an old, dear friend of his who called to say goodbye, Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. My partner reminded him of new treatments that significantly prolong life. His friend said:

"Honestly --if I could only live long enough to vote for Trump in November..."

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Sanandaj, western Iran
After locals refused to walk over a replica of the U.S. flag painted by regime authorities on a stairway, officials have painted a replica of the Israeli flag seen on the left.
Locals are walking on the grass area to avoid disrespecting the two nations.

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Our very own @DuaneCates, brother of @drawandstrike speaks with @Steeltruth on the topic of the recent Project Veritas release of Bernie Sanders campaign member.
Cates Duane James Okeefe

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1. The American Goebbels Ben Rhodes at work, spreading his poison.

You must understand how much Rhodes despises America and indeed all western nation states.

The reason is surprisingly simple.

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One of the main reasons we all need to contribute what we can to @GenFlynn defense fund?

To help our hero go on OFFENSE.

If Justice Sullivan allows the motion to withdraw the guilty plea, it will be the Obama goons worst nightmare. Why?

Imagine having General Flynn coming after you.

Now you understand.


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Five little-noted doozies from last night's Democratic debate
Thank goodness someone had the stomach to watch the dem clown debate last night.It is really frightening that any of these clowns could become president of the US.

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From Harold Finch in The Library on Telegram:

"I’m looking forward to Gen Flynn & Sidney Powell burning it all down."

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Here's FakeNews kicking off Cory Booker's campaign in April 2019.

“Newark, Brick City, this community taught me about that love,” Booker told the crowd. “It’s not feel-good easygoing love. It’s a strong, courageous love. It is defiant love. The kind of love that serves, it’s the kind of love that sacrifices. The kind of love that is essential to achieving justice.”

YUK. Pre-Trump playbook. Schmalzy feels.

Spartacus never got above 2%.

Now it's over.

Good riddance.

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Brian Cates @drawandstrike NAILS it.

Cates is a seasoned expert in how to read Trump.

And he's trustworthy.

Brian went through hell when he defended Sessions. Turns out he was right the entire time.

You can take what he says to the bank.

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Quodverum TV.

Another 338 subcribers and we'll be able to launch in earnest.

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Hey @REX @ThomasWic @drawandstrike and @HeshmatAlavi

Beter get those fingers ready.

The new QV website is almost ready! You'll be able to sign in and post articles on the fly!

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