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@SandyisGettingSteamed @EngOnDemand

Another one of his writings ...

"Obama once thought that he belonged to the ages. Now he belongs in the rubbish bin."

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America is a nation of impossibilities. We exist because our forefathers did not take no for an answer. Not from kings or tyrants. Not from the elites who told them that it couldn’t be done.
The day when we stop being able to pull of the impossible is the day that America will cease to exist.
Today is not that day. Today fifty million Americans did the impossible.
Midnight has passed. A new day has come. And everything is about to change.

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@Cdubois @ThomasWic @JM @wziminer @NevadaJack @Lonestar

This is a must see & share with your email list & social media!

"This picture was not taken on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. It wasn't on his schedule. President told the Secret Service he wanted to go to Arlington Cemetery and without notice they took him there. No motorcade. No speech. He was met by the grounds keepers. God Bless America"

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Today I thank every soldier who has ever risked their life to defend the freedoms that so many of us take for granted.

And I also want to thank their families for their sacrifices.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”

-John 15:13 🙏🏻🇺🇸

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" McConnell is planning to confirm at least 30 conservative judicial nominees before year’s end, which will bring joy to Trump’s base and build a legacy that will outlast both of their political careers."

"While Democrats are focused on smearing
, Republicans are focused on confirming more conservative judges.

Thank you President Trump and

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I would like to honor my late husband, Rich, who was a retired USAF F-100 pilot who flew out of Phan Rang (Happy Valley) in Vietnam with this video of the plane he loved to fly.

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I'm looking for a transcript of this so that I will know what Joe said. 😆

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@redwhitebluedude @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

Not all Dems are brain dead zombies following the cult of Pelosi and Schiff. It needs to be the job of every Trump supporter to make visible how asinine, biased, partisan, unfair, ludicrous, and perverted this entire Schiffty charade is.

Even the dimmest of the bulbs know this is not our heritage nor how we equally and fairly apply our laws.

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Ironic that, during a period when pretending to be something you're not is celebrated by the crazies, we have the most authentic, candid president in history.

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@Baline @Elaines2cents

So many cannot see,
the price he is paying
for a future history...

He is......
the man MADE
for this moment in time
to be world-known.

Watching the ways
he masters opposition,
I have grown.

a better representative of me,
a clearly marked path
for my own
uncelebrated destiny,

I am learning
what it means
to be God-shown.

to see.

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A couple in Austin, Texas, was recently named the “Oldest Married Couple” by Guinness World Records.

John Henderson is 106 years old and his wife, Charlotte, is 105.

John said one of the secrets to their long and happy marriage is being kind to one another.

The Hendersons were married during the Great Depression on December 15, 1939, and next month will mark their 80th wedding anniversary.

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To that, I'd say, "too late" given that the Ukrainians were already known to have acted in a partisan manner in support of Her Inevitableness back in the 2016 election. And aren't those all basically policy objections he's raising?

Vindman's testimony is consistent with other reports on the issue of "quid pro quo" that Ukraine wasn't aware until mid-August of the military aid being temporarily suspended. And minority counsel Mr. Castor got

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President Trump reportedly wants to give Conan, the dog who was injured in the raid that killed Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, one of the military’s top honors.

The White House is looking into the logistics behind giving the medal, which is only allowed to be given to humans, to the military working dog.

“It is the president’s desire to honor the dog. They are working out the details,” a source said, joking that it could “swing the animal lovers vote” toward Trump.

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