@prchrskd yep that is why they get caught. Im glad the funds are all gone. Horrible people

@mastojohn naw. It wasnt a big thing. Just looked like thoughts. Anyways you have to tell him you want off and then see

@mastojohn ok. Touch your name here. It will take you too your own page
See you're post? Touch the one you want
It will let you see it
Vottom right corner is 3 dots
Touch it
It will show you delete
Touch it and it will be gone

@Kambeii It takes a few for them to pick up after they here you. Just a guess

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Sometimes I get phone calls that are from unfamiliar numbers.

Normally, I wouldn't answer these, but I am expecting responses from the firms I applied to.

Just now, I answered one such number and waited for the other side to speak. Stone-cold silence.

What the hell kind of prank is that?

@mastojohn i go my page look at posted toot touch the one you want bottom dots touch them delete comes up

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