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so another restaurant we frequented is shutdown again. city came in and said they constitute a 'bar' because of the amount of liquor they serve. i don't see how the hell they ever come back now. and this is a republican-led county, city, and state

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God bless our First Lady for bringing awareness of the horrors of child sex trafficking.

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Happy Fourth of July to all! God bless America❀️ .

I pray everyone is doing alright and I am happy to say I am doing great as well.

I will be back very soon and catch up with everyone here whom I love and greatly respect and admire.

But for now I just did not want to miss this opportunity to wish you all a the best on this blessed day.

Sincerely, M.H. Alessa 😊 πŸ’ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ’•

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My heart yearns...

20200704 Fire on the Mountain

Fourth of July in Big Sky, MT

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Carlos Osweda

13 hours ago, 26 tweets, 5 min read

This is priceless.

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The once great New York, "Empire State" & her New York City "Gleaming, Gem" have died at the hands of the failed, Democrat Party leadership of Democrat, Governor, Andrew Cuomo & Democrat, Mayor of NYC, Bill DeBlasio. Sad days for New York, Sad days for the USA!!! Solution, American voters, destroy the entire Democrat Party politically...FOREVER!!! If not you will only destroy yourselves, your families, your free nation!!! Case Closed!!!

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found the time before work this morning to watch Beard Blather. Excellent as always.
When Saul said "Gynormous" I laughed. And knew immediately he has a daughter. (yes I already knew)


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