So 2 weeks ago I got up to 17 leg pulls. The other day 18. Then today I said why not and tried 20. Yaeyaeyae! I got 20 with only 2 directions needing a break. Only ten more to go. ☺ I also changed from orange band to red band on my sit down leg lifts and pushing out. That took longer with 3 breaks. Yae

So for now I decided that my ugly sign will attract more people. A family member asked when I was going to get a nice one and put it on. If I do I will go with the one on Quodverum. I should take a poll. ☺

So a family member told me my hair is too long. Been telling me that since 90s☺ I said I was planning on cutting it I was waiting for layers to grow out. Her husband chimed in that I am too old to have long hair. I asked where was that law and asked where was the hair length one for men. Silence😅 So I got it cut like planned and heard it is not to your shoulders!😅 my family's funny.😉 It grows back which is why same discussion over and over.

@Seedsaver a rocket is supposed to go off at 730 eastern time. Gonna find a link. Here a bad pic I got from last week

I ate most of it. ☺ She made salmon with a glaze. Never had it. She told me how. It was good. Heres what she put on it. I took a pic so I wouldnt forget.

So here is a sign I made at staples. The image free from pixaby. I know I missed a period at the bottom. What do you think? I like the classy.

So here is my sign for Quodverum. Have help tmrw to make a real one. ☺. I might make a long banner for this place, it is a long name. Hows that app coming along. Yes it rained.

Artist I went to see. A dragonfly I saw on a chair before I left. I always think with God all things are possible.

Last week I tried to go to downtown library and could not find a space. (Thanks person not handicapped taking the space) and today I went. I found a space on the little hill and decided to go up anyways. So I made it and had a good time. Saw the other artist and they had a church festival going on and i went to used bookstore. Lots of breaks , apparently today was the day. God's will☺👏

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