I've had several people ask me about my survival mentality. Not joining the proverbial Militia but isolating and avoiding. Defending what needs defending in order to survive.
The old man in Catch 22 had it correct.
"It's better to live on ones feet, than to die on one's knees "

For those itching for a fight? Remember this wisdom.

@DeWalt I think its good yall can live off of what God gives , and what you grow, comes down to it might have to visit for a while if its ever needed😁

If that day comes you probably won't find me.
Remember this about skill,
Learn first those things that can be replicated regardless where you are.
Different places provide different opportunities with different resources. Know your basics. Food ,Shelter, Water.

@DeWalt great advice, a few I know about, without a well sure would have to buy a lot of water, guess I better learn to like taking fish off a hook😆😊 be easy to be a vegan and grow food, sure would miss bacon though

Filter water or purify, not buy
Fishing 👍
A Vegan will starve.
What do you eat while waiting on the garden to grow?
Can you stay in that one place long enough?

@DeWalt all good questions, lots of ocean water, some lakes, maybe canned stuff, how long do I have to survive? I'd have to trade for meat I wanted something, maybe I should put learn to shoot and hunt in the list, i would rather fish
Maybe order that big pack of food stuff from a prepper site, only went 3 days without electric for a hurricane, had a grill pots and pans, food , water🤔

Your thinking.
That's the start. I don't know your situation.

@DeWalt ok will do, with or without using a vehicle and all the other stuff we went over, canning a big deal to have good foodstuff put away

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.