So this punk has two documented psychotic episodes. One requiring removal of his knives and sword. He made threats towards others and himself.
But somehow when he turns 21 he purchases 2 rifles legally? He had no job and lived on his father and uncles property.
Given his huge internet footprint with all kinds of red flags, no one saw this coming. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

@DeWalt Deja Vu. Same as the Texas shooter. Where does the money come from? I keep smelling rats.
This one has an autistic look.


@ChaplainEric @DeWalt wonder if any psych drugs were taken, given by a psycholigist🤔not an excuse

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
It'll come out eventually.
I'd like to know how you can be disarmed by police and turn around and purchase 2 rifles.
Unless they were private sales.

@DeWalt @ChaplainEric no idea, you have to get fingerprinted (very basic) so how were there no records of his confrontation with police? Lots of questions little answers

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
He wasn't arrested, no confrontation with Police. Only family.

@DeWalt @ChaplainEric right, so arent there complaints put in the system even if no arrest?

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
Yes, if you are disarmed for a domestic violence issue or Baker Acted it's in the system.
Leastways in Florida.

@DeWalt @ChaplainEric with all their no gun laws for the masses bet they dont have one🙄
Probably no updated computer programs connecting them either, defund police morons

@Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
🤷‍♂️ Seems if their Governor is going to preach to the Nation they should put their shit in one sock.

@DeWalt @Lemonhead @ChaplainEric

Media report said the family refused to press charges.

Some families don't want the embarrassment. I don't know the reason for their refusal.

@Wendy @Lemonhead @ChaplainEric
In Florida, Law Enforcement can initiate charges.
If I have to remove your weapons? I'm not leaving you in the house. Your at least going to a 72 hr facility.
That is where Law Enforcement is negligent. And we wonder how these people fall through the cracks?
Willful Blindness

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