Gah. House votes not to remove rematks and now I guess yes to give her speaking rights back. Of corse they did. No honor Democrats!


Thank you for link to connection. Pelosi's volatile remarks are roughly 3:17 in. Much discombobulation. Am at 3:26 with no continuance of audio yet, but interactions and body language on both sides interesting. Dems ganging up on the left side of the dias; Repubs respectfully holding back while the clerk gets their act together to read back Pelosi's comments. Slow going. See Nunes in the bottom right corner, love him! Appreciate GA Rep Doug Collins efforts.

Excrutiating. Cannot imagine being in the heat of the moment and enduring that. Gaetz, Nunes, McCarthy on the right of screen shaking heads continually in disgust. Seems to be complicated for the parliamentarian staff to find the right rule to let the Speaker off the hook. As we now know, Pelosi was found to have violated the House rules on decorum against personally denigrating the POTUS, but the Dems then vote to skirt consequences preventing her from speaking further this day.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis I saw all of it minus 15 min. Vote. I like your attention to detail. You could be an announcer.☺👏

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