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I just threw my butt in the oven. 🤪

Carolina BBQ, on Martin's potato rolls with coleslaw, tomorrow. 👍

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"Border Wall System update:

▫️ 83 miles completed
▫️ 153 miles under construction
▫️ 273 miles in pre-construction"


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MS-13 gang member was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for his role in a brutal machete attack at a park just outside Dallas, Texas

According to court documents, Amaya-Alvarez – an El Salvadorian national in the United States illegally – admitted he belonged to MS-13, a notorious and violent transnational street gang.


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Mad drunk Nancy Pelosi is another example.

An utter loon, corrupt as hell, trying to get rid of Trump to cover up her own crimes.

Screw these people. They're just so corrupt, such slimebags. Awful. The worst politicians in US history.

Hang em high


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Comrade Fudge @hnijohnmiller

"So. Everyone. I had a bit of a realization on my end, and double checked and gathered some facts to make sure I knew WTF I was talking about.

I think I know why the State Department is trying so goddamn hard to get rid of Trump."


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Love this guy.

"Bribery is their business model"

Schiff - $350k
Schiff - $100k
Nadler - $80k
Pelosi - $700M Ukraine Bribery? My name is Nancy 😂

"Irregular" the word of the day.


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Leaked X-Ray of President Trump From His Annual Physical At Walter Reed recently.

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Brian Kolfage (@BrianKolfage) Tweeted:

Top of our new wall will be nice and sharp to discourage anyone from climbing. Also the steel was coated so that it’s greasy slick when anyone wet touches it after getting out of water. Each bollard will be filled with HIGH Psi concrete and rebar. Can’t cut through ours!

t.co/ek70oWozRc twitter.com/BrianKolfage/statu

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expose us to the wonderful works of our members at the click of link

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Let the memes begin!

Boomer Don Jr

For all of you who like to meme, AG Barr gave us a gift yesterday during his speech. I say we take it and run with it. Here's an example. Meme away, Patriots!

Redrock in colorado
I made my plane and am on vacay
I actually was able to use my cane and walk in lot and down a slope
This was an added bonus to continuing doing pt exercises yae😊

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