Meanwhile, in NC Big Brother is watching you.

GREENSBORO – It was only a matter of time. As this surreal pandemic crisis unfolds, with lockdown orders going into full effect across the State of North Carolina, officials in Guilford County have created an online form to snitch on your neighbors for violating the ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders.

@kbrendell we have entered 1984. This is what communist do. You are required to tell on your neighbor if they are being a bad communist

I hope people fight the offer to give away their freedom

@SQ @EnjoyTheSearch @kbrendell @Darabrab

Start spamming the form until it breaks the system.

Post it here and we will help!



I just posted one accusing Guilford County itself, posting this:
"Violation of citizens right to freedom of travel.
Shameful website you have here."

@mrbungle @SQ @EnjoyTheSearch @Darabrab

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