@LawrenceRoberts I don’t live in your area but I think we all need to voice our opinion to the Governor also. Great letter with reasoning they can’t ignore or refute.

If you need some partial diversion from Covid and riots, there is a 90-minute Jodi Foster movie called Hotel Artemis in which she plays a nurse who runs a hotel converted to a hospital for criminals in post-riot 2028 Los Angeles.
High-tech scanning and operating tools manned by a crazy alcoholic 60-year-oldish nurse who scans patients' chip implants to see if their dues for medical services at Hotel Artemis are up-to-date.
Available with Amazon Prime.

Protestors now:

We keep protesting until convictions happen. Charges being filed are meaningless.


Why wouldn't they abandon Chicago? Chicago abandoned them!

I sent this to my L.A. councilman Mike Bonin:

Sir, the police budget must be expanded and more detectives hired
until ALL of the looting/burning/destroying thugs have been identified and jailed!!

The shit-show of liberal politics allowing communist scum to destroy a city is both shameful and sinful.

If your voice sides with the mayor, I will ensure that your political career ends.

The city of angels allowing demons to run wild is just fucking disgusting.

Lawrence Roberts
Venice, CA


Hello BLM, billboard advertising is not free. Check our website for advertising rates. Scoot!

I mistakenly had CNN on and I think there was footage of the Minneapolis mayor taking a knee and bowing at Floyd's casket, weeping a gallon of beta boy tears.


Now, if one chooses to clean buildings defaced by Antifa, it is an abuse of white privilege to want your walls un-graffitied.....


@JM @Lonestar Oh goodie! Now the sports and activities sponsored by the Minneapolis Parks and Rec.:

Child Kidnapping 101, Sexual Assault: How To Get The Results You Want Every Time, Murder 101.

For those who want a certificate: Human Trafficking 101, 102, How To Get Your First Recruit

Murder 201 How To Transport a Body and Finding the Perfect Hiding Spot In The Park.

Gang Rape: How To Assemble and Lure.

Mark my words, these fools are going to turn their cities into better shiteholes.

I found this on Rooftop Roz's twatter timeline (PolitiKurd)

Aunt Tifa


Yesterday, I was proud that he spoke out in support of respecting our flag.

-- Didn't last long though.

Dude, you should really re-think embracing communism, after capitalism made you wealthy.

Really a sad day that you let thugs silence your patriotism.

@NevadaJack @HectorHeathcote

This kneeling situation for feelz and social justice virtue signaling is bullcrap. And the actual statistics do not back up the claims that the black demographic of our nation is more susceptible to experience police brutality than any other demographic. In fact, quite the opposite the past few years.

Another stupid-ass stunt by the communists......
8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence for Floyd.

Woman caller on Rush regrets sending her daughters to university for communist indoctrination.

She's absolutely gross, every single one that is on fox makes me wanna scratch my eyeballs out, but by far Christopher Hahn comes on, I change the channel immediately, that dude has some serious issues

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