There's a bit of irony when CT senator Murphy tweets that the Barrett nomination is a "life or death" issue....since Judge Barrett might just stop Murphy from taking the lives of thousands of innocent babies in the Planned Parenthood butchery.

Many more people are now welcoming Jehovah's Witnesses to their doorstep than Biden canvassers.
Some are rudely slamming the door on Biden people saying "Hunter!" the way Seinfeld said "Newman!"

Biden dusts off his old bullshit and tosses it out as if it some new wisdom on a new issue.

Biden is a great recycler....of bullshit stories.

If cookies could speak and were baked by SJWs, they might lecture us on pronoun usage.....

Biden said , “I lived in Section 8 housing as a little boy...”
Joe was 32 when Section 8 began in 1974 ! 😂

Congratulations to conservative street artist SABO for his recent hit in Venice CA.
A building on a key intersection at Main Street and Rose Avenue has a huge statue of a ballerina wearing a clown mask.
Sabo fashioned a six-foot tall image of CA Governor Gavin Newsom's head and using a drone lifted it up to clown's gloved hand.
The statue is situated on the corner of the building, as tall as the second and third floors.

What's worse than a sleazy snake oil salesman??

A pervy "no-oil" salesman.

Has Judge Barrett condemned us for using her initials yet??

Jon Bon Jovi rallying for Sleepy 'no-oil' Joe.

58 is a little old to be advocating communism for your fellow countrymen, Jonny. Especially since you already have your nest egg.

@LawrenceRoberts @MrHobbit @umad80 @stephanieanne

Changing his mind, haranguing the staff - and then crying because the pastrami is not lean enough and his favorite rye is sold out

@MrHobbit @umad80 @stephanieanne

Klobuchar was unprofessional and self-absorbed at the Barrett hearings.

Ginsburg's unexpected death and the rapid confirmation process for Barrett has thrown many of the tougher Dems off kilter.

Who wants to hear and see Klobuchar at a rally? More like a punishment

Biden's earlier PA rally was horrid.
Not even a half hour, and boring as could be.
The man can't tell a story, lies like a rug and has no charm.
Dried up turd.💩

While Biden was looking at his watch because he wanted to get the hell out of the debate,
many Trumpsters glanced at theirs ⌚ because they didn't want the ass-kicking to end!
😷 🤣

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