Another intriguing tweet by POTUS.

Key words : 'hoping to have it printed BEFORE the election.'

Seems Trump has seen evidence (emails, texts etc) proving McCain was plotting to get the Steele Dossier published before the election.

Can you imagine what Trump knows about what these crooks were up to?

They were so certain Clinton would win, they left a huge 'paper trail'. What idiots. Even Trump must be blown away at what he has found!

Beijing Diane and Harris don't like Trump's nominees for the 9th Circuit.

Good. That alone makes me love 'em.

So How many think we will have a convenient funeral on Feb 5 ? The chances are very good at this time I think .
They really don't want to have Our President speak to the people

Last one tonight.

Dogturd @dogturd3

NBC/WSJ poll ...

Pelosi’s negatives shot up during government shutdown more than any pol // now the most unpopular politician tested in the survey.


That's because Present Trump is making her look unreasonable and fight for illegals.

Trust me ... Trump is winning!

So glad to be here. The air is fresh and clean! Thanks to @Debradelai and @ThomasWic for everything you do.

Can someone tell me what the symbols mean and are there ways to layout the screen differently?

Man am I glad I left twitter.

I see that Sundance is now attacking Jeff Carlson, of all people, who does a superb job. The reason? Sundance (Mark Bradman) is INSANELY jealous, that Carlson has been chosen to receive leaks. His ego just can't accept it. And so he attacks Jeff C. Ridiculous!

Bradman's become quite paranoid and unbalanced over the last months. Plus, I think he's exhausted.

His position requires you to believe that Trump is alone, incompetent and powerless, against a never ending tide of 'Deep State' actors. Trump can never win. His downfall is inevitable.

I think Sundance is being fed misinformation, by whoever is feeding it to the Hannity Posse. He's a very good analyst of the past, but not so good at working out what's going on now and what may happen in future.

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