Caswell County deputy shot multiple times, suspect barricades himself

SEMORA, N.C. (WNCN) — A Caswell County sheriff’s deputy was struck by gunfire multiple times Wednesday morning while delivering a domestic violence protection order, according to Sheriff Tony Durden Jr.


RATzinger, fought like a luon in the Eastern front until he run out of bullets.

By that time, the Americans were having bratwurst in Munich.

He and his unit ran West to avoid capture by the Russians, and surrender to the first American they bumped into.

People ate still trying to cover for this fucking Nazi.

Oh, yes, Daddy wasn't a Nazi because muh his Catholic faith.

Ask Pious XII, aka Pacelli the Nazi, and read the Reichskonkordat, similar to the alliance with Mussolini.


"He decided to desert...when his unit collapsed and everyone left."


Nazi Fugitive Argentina - SS Officer On the Run For 50 years (Ep. 4)

The story of SS-Captain Erich Priebke, who commanded the infamous 1944 Ardeatine Caves Massacre in Rome, and escaped justice, going on the run in South America for an astounding 50

East German Afrika Korps

During the 1960s and '70s thousands of of East German People's Army troops were sent to Africa to help train national armies and black liberation guerrilla groups, earning the nickname 'Africa Korps'. Find out what East Germany was up to, and why...

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"Banana Republic Or Bust!"

Saul Montes-Bradley has a live open interaction with Quods.

Today, we start with the Democrats' unrelenting march towards a banana republic.

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Deputy shot while serving papers at North Carolina home dies

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (AP) — A sheriff's deputy died after he and two other deputies were shot while trying to serve involuntary commitment papers at a North Carolina home, authorities announced Tuesday.

How closely do you follow the WNBA (Women's NBA)?
Not at all
Very closely
Somewhat closely
A little
Hardly at all
Based on 245,962 responses

Do you personally think the Schumer-Manchin reconciliation bill proposes too much, not enough, or just the right amount of climate spending ($369 billion)?
Too much
Not enough
Just the right amount
Other / No opinion
Based on 740 responses.

Veteran police officer killed, partner shot 'in a cowardly ambush,' officials say

Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, a 29-year veteran of the Rochester Police Department, was with his partner, Officer Sino Seng, an eight-year veteran, when they "were attacked in a cowardly ambush" on Bauman Street, according to Rochester Police Chief David Smith.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.