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@darulharb Only when “New York’s Finest” who may line the codon for DJT to pass in order to “turn himself in”, and a sergeant yells, “Present arms” and they all salute, will the assholes know who is in charge.

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Where else does one get the real reason for the 2008 financial crisis and a unique and deeper perspective of history, policy, media and politicians/ bureaucrats.

Armed with this awareness, we do have facts and context to counter the language, premises, and arguments of the media and Democrats (but I repeat myself).

And if a Biden supporter winds up lamenting what Biden is doing or not doing, we should remind them that Biden is keeping his promises and serving his constituencies.

Dr John Campbell- Strange Events

Strange behaviours and outcomes are happening everywhere. (TW pointed at this during BB).

This video is from the U.K. Parliament.

Discover that government structure, procedures and norms you thought were there - aren't.

Saul & Thomas said it, "There is no shame".

(6min 32s)

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@SpiceOfOurLife @Stacie

If you listen to Dr Jason Fung (author of The Obesity Code, The Diabetes Code and The Cancer Code) the healthiest thing you can do for your body is to minimize carbohydrate intake and stop snacking. Low blood sugar and low insulin levels make a big, big health difference.

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Garbage in Garbage out
Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the software developer ability to keep their D#*#* thoughts/ideology out of it!!

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Feminist/leftist author Naomi Wolf apologizes on Substack for being duped by Fake News about the "insurrection."


(H/T @ConceptualJames RT )

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BB has been spot on about the war in Ukraine, including the reclaiming of territory taken when Obummer was in office. It’s so hard to force myself to listen to other views, no one can touch SMB & TW for information and accuracy. Thank you! Great video.

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Feb. 28th VIP is not loading, I'm unable to view.


I’m having difficulty viewing VIP:

“@QuodVerumTV isn't live right now, but the chat is! Check back later to watch the stream.“

The fentanyl crisis and why everyone should be paying attention | Anthony Hipolito
“Six out of every ten illicit counterfeit pills have enough fentanyl to kill somebody. So if we can take ten pills off the street, we're potentially saving six lives.” —Anthony Hipolito

An extensive, very informative discussion about fentanyl.

Anthony Hipolito (law enforcement) & Peter Attia M.D.


Trudeau’s government adds more reasons to create division between USA and Canada.

The relationship was once better than this, good neighbours.

Divide North America and conquer.

States should retaliate. Canadians will suffer. If implemented during Trudeau’s reign, he will get credit.


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More bizarre, commie nonsense in a famous American institution:


Personally, I hope they double down. The sooner the stranglehold elite universities, licensing boards, and federal institutions exert on a range of major professions (from medicine, to law, to science, to management and beyond) is exposed for what it is (a racket and gatekeeping exercise), the faster it will implode, creating an opportunity for better, new, modern institutions to take their place.

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