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"The EU, the UK, and the United States have all been facing a serious energy crisis for most of 2022"

There's no excuse for the US to be in crisis. We have a Crisis in Government.

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Hope you had a fabulous day.
Here's to our Ancestors and God.🍻🥂

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AZ native here. AZ has been turning purple due to migration. Phoenix has experienced a population surge that began before the pandemic and accelerated after it, mainly of white collar types working in the periphery of ASU and the myriad of technology companies that have started or moved there.

However it has not turned blue enough to explain the past three election cycles.

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protip: if you have an amazon prime account, for the next week until cyber monday, they will be randomly offering $50 gift cards for $40. It's a no brainer and free money to me since I will inevitably either use it or gift it.

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To dismiss DJT as candidate for
President is folly. Whatever
happened in 2020 elections is
of no concern to me. 2024 can
be a reset and return to energy
independence, border security,
law and order. I’m ready!

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There has been a slow progression in western governments away from the understanding that elected representatives are entrusted to carry out the Will of the People.
This is being replaced with the concept that we elect the "best ruler" and then accept their will while they are in office.
This is a betrayal of the underlying priciples of democracy, and it is intentional. Unfortunately, power surrendered is not easily recovered. And power gained is not readily given up. It usually takes some sort of conflict to reset the clock.
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Avoid Using Blue Mailboxes During the Holidays, USPS Warns

"..you may want to avoid using those large, blue collection boxes—at least for the next few months, United States Postal Service officials have advised.

Not only have reports of mail fraud & theft been on the rise year-round, the crimes tend to peak during the holiday season—and those blue mailboxes are becoming more frequent targets."

But by all means, send your damn Ballot in em..

🙄 😠

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@MarcusJ65 @YoungBlood
March13, 2020. Lockdown. I have a similar video only worse. April 3, 2020 Ambulance followed by Fire Trucks took my sister who tested positive for Covid. Never to be seen again.
Fuck you all!!!

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Vijaya Gadde, Twitter's head of legal policy, trust, and safety, was sent walking. This is significant because Ms. Gadde has been referred to as Twitter's Chief Censor.

She's the person who made the final decision to remove Donald Trump from the platform. She also oversaw the single most blatant example of election tampering in modern American history... the decision to block, delete and censor the Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post.


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@LJPatriot @Eiualumni @YoungBlood I didn’t get the vax. I was 54 when I got Covid. Average cold symptoms. Body aches but no fever. No cough. 3-4 days max. If Covid weren’t a thing I would never have given it a 2nd thought.

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@Quoits @LJPatriot @Eiualumni @YoungBlood

No vax. 65. Got Covid. Was sick like a cold/flu for 1 day. Had to stay out of work for 5 days. Cough lingered for a few more days.

Like @Quoits I would not have given it a second thought in 2019.

Just my personal experience.

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@LJPatriot @YoungBlood
Never got the shot. Used common sense such as washing my hands and using hand sanitizer, taking Vitamin D as recommended by my doctor and staying away from large crowds in close quarters. Shopping at odd hours. With all these precautions my greatest chance of getting Covid was when I had to go to see my doctor...all those sick people together in the waiting room!

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So, why get the shot.
I assume the answer will be that your Covid infection won't be as bad as if you didn't have the shot, but is that true?
More and more it seems that what we were told to be true by the CDC is not true, such as masks stop the spread of Covid, stand 6 feet apart, etc etc.
Credibility of the CDC regarding Covid is approaching ZERO.

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Allow me to expound a bit further, Italian conservatives do exist.

They just shun politics, intelligentsia circles, academia, bureacratic apparatus or media.

It also lust be said that conservative politicians there are very rarely allowed to lead lasting & successful political careers.

They're either business owners, industry captains or farmers.

To an extent like US conservatives/individualists.

During my career there, I worked with many Italian conservatives.


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...government will do that affects the Russian Invasion, the euro energy crisis, repealing the italisn green new deal, Italexit from europe, Italy-USA relations, and Italy-Nato relations.

I prefer not to speculate, but Meloni's party & coalition did win a clear majority, yes, but she won when voter turnout = 64%, a historic low. Additionally, Melini, amongst PM candidates only got 22% of the vote. Not a great mandate from the electorate.

We'll see what happens.


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Unfortunately, she's a political chameleon of the fascist persuasion.

She's quite good at concealing her collectivist credos.

Time will tell how much of the fascista she decides to be.

Of course, saying & doing are two separate "animals".

Successful Italian Conservstives in the Politican Arena, are quite rare today and for the past 30+ years.

So, you either get socialists, comunists, greens, pseudo-fascists or fence-sitters.

I'm only concerned about what the Meloni...

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