I wish we cared as much about Justice Scalia's death as we do Epstein's.

Scalia sleeps with the fishes.

@POTUS expected to speak at 8 pm EDT --


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🔴 President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Monroe, LA 11/6/19

Now that Americans are keenly aware of how dangerous Mexico is can we turn anyone who seek asylum away? Get ready for border insanity part II. Someone tell me again how what happens on the other side of the border isn't our problem.

Rudy Giuliani

Today’s vote was designed to deceive the American people.
This was NOT an impeachment vote.
This is Speaker Pelosi weaponizing the House against the president and Schiff trampling over our Democracy.
The American people won’t be fooled!

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Nothing tickles me more than seeing Tulsi defenders say she ‘goes against the foreign policy orthodoxy.’ No, TRUMP goes against foreign policy orthodoxy. Tulsi changes her stance every 6 months and 9 times out of 10 is right in line with everyone else, ie the Iran Deal, condemning Trump for striking at Syria, then for withdrawing from Syria.

Those who think she’s good at foreign policy are the same doom criers who screech when Trump does ANYTHING.

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One more of Trump's superpowers: forcing the war profiteers to out themselves.

From 2015. Very good question. "Hey Lebron, How does it feel to be a pussy ass Bitch?" He didn't appear to like it. I would advise that woman not to get in an elevator with Lebron. 🤣


Minneapolis’ Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey has had a rough time after publicly maligning President Trump and attempting to keep the president out of the city.

Because people of the internet were mean to him, Frey suggested it gave him a “small glimpse” into what he assumed “it must be like for… any woman on the Internet.”

Oh, the poor snowflake.


This is so sad!


"Master Sgt. Mark Allen dies 10 years after being shot in the head while looking for Bowe Bergdahl

Retired Army Master Sgt. Mark Allen has died 10 yrs after he was shot in the head while searching for deserter Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.

Allen died on Saturday at the age of 46.

He had been unable to walk or speak since he was a sniper shot him in the head in July 2009 while he was looking for Bergdahl, ..."

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.