I don't care anymore about any ot this nonsense. I seem to he winning!

America is pissed. Watch out leftist fucks.🇺🇸👌

Fuck you all. Im having a bourbon and a hamburger

The threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party is very real. The two regimes of & are signing a very dangerous 25-year strategic deal.

Thread provides details.


Here is a fun experiment. Try to call any LAPD office and see if you can reach an officer.(not 911) Good luck!!

@IrredeemableOne @kbrendell

Bunnies are naturally very curious. Anything new has to be checked out and usually chinned multiple times. Secret usually is to avoid sudden moves, loud noises, or shadows from something moving above them.

These little ones are adorable, long time since my cottontails were that small. For bunnies born in the wild, they acclimated quite well to house living and became just as demanding as domestic ones. 😁

Made it to beach, went in the water, first time in 9 years, had to bring my cane with the sharp end, ha it was weird and floated more than swim, however it was fun and I didnt fall over or get muscle leg cramps

Governor Gruesome banned fireworks so we went stadium level. Fuck him

My city is on fire! Fuck you mayor yoga pants and governor Gruesome!!!!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.