Brazilian deep state is as stupidly ignorant as ours.

"Brazilian federal prosecutors filed a court injunction on Monday seeking to bar the appointment of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo as ambassador to the United States due to his lack of experience as a diplomat."

Hey, shitbrains, an Ambassador is a personal representative of the President, not a career sheister.

The President could appoint his parrot if he wanted (and often have done no better).

Looks like we are going to hit 1.5 million toots by Wednesday.

That's 1.5 million webpages hosted in this place.

Please keep my Dad - Ed - in your prayers.
He is ailing at 91 and the confused doctors are trying to get him back on his feet.
He served with an artillary unit with the Brooklyn National Guard in Korea and was a reservist.
He is a true patriot and loves this country.
My real name is Dan.

Mötley Crüe drummer, the motley @MrTommyLand, a convicted wife beater, threatened all Trump supporters in a wild rant on Twitter 3 days ago. It’s clear we are no longer living in a civilized society when 1/2 the country is not allowed to have a different opinion from the other half.

"The Hunt" is another reminder that the entertainment industry regularly introduces filth into our culture - in keeping with CPUSA goals.

#25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

Trump will eventually be seen as the most significant human in SECULAR history.

We're not talking about religious figures.

The reason Trump will be seen this way is that he devoted his powers to GOOD, not evil.

And for that we owe him a debt that we'll never be able to pay off.



"Jeffrey Epstein was a colleague, mentor, and most importantly a friend. His silence will echo around the world and, hopefully, inspire others to stay quiet themselves. For the only peace in this life is in quiet contemplation," a eulogy from Hillary Clinton.


@dsbrenner @Cdubois Black people are waking up to who it actually is that's worked so hard to keep them trapped in these crumbling inner cities.

And it's not the evil white Republicans or Donald Trump.

It's not just Judas goats. One of the programs in FL to eradicate the pythons. Governor DeSanctis is expanding the hunting areas.

Thanks to a tracker installed in Charlie 5, a Burmese python, the snake led researchers to two breeding balls in 2019. This tracking method is called the Judas snake program and has allowed the team to remove 17 pythons from Big Cypress National Preserve over the past two years. (Photo: LEAH VOSS/TCPALM)

@Debradelai @skree @ThomasWic

This Social Media Symposium is run by people steeped in=

We come here to bathe in the clean waters of Higher Thinking & improve ourselves.

As you can tell I'm still a work in progress

The Cesspool is not welcome to dirty these waters.

For a good laugh about the mullahs' regime in .

(I feel sorry for the poor donkey, though.)

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