Remember TW and I making fun of them and "Helter-Skelter"?

Another Antifa group calls itself "the Base". As in "al-Qa'ida".



Thank you for last night. You make 3 hours go by so fast. We enjoyed listening to you and I really like the live chat involved. I looked forward to it all week.

President Trump's tweet about using the military: Twitter won't allow me to share the second half and shows it unavailable on my timeline. It is still available to be seen on the president's but you have to click on the warning before you see it.

@Debradelai @EngOnDemand

Right. And I don't disagree at all.

They think they're showing up Twitter by 'staying and fighting'.

They don't get that Twitter doesn't care. I'm sure most of them get a sick amusement out of toying with conservatives and making them dance.

Certainly staying on their platform and following their rules isn't a win for us.

Unless you can do something about it, you're not moving the needle. Virtue signaling on the right. "I stayed on Twitter!"



Hey Twatholes, in this great day for Freedom, Saul Montes-Bradley, @Debradelai, who never broke any rules and whom you censored for his support of @GenFlynn and @POTUS has asked us to relay a message to you.



Sidney Powell 🇺🇸 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This violence only makes everything worse.
Honor by constructive acts.

BUILD something in his honor.
The offenders will be held accountable in court--as well they should be.

Anyone engaging in deliberate violence should be arrested and prosecuted.


It’s happy for me. I’m still here and my buddies who aren’t here were the finest men I have ever known.
Paraphrasing Patton, mourn them not, rather Thank God they lived.
Yes, the United States Army remains the greatest force for good the World has ever known.


There is not really a good way to say it, and anyone dragging you about it is being a jerk.

We celebrate the memories of the fallen and what they did for us.

You are a good dude. Carry on.

Today is Memorial Day, A Day of Remembrance for ALL Who made the Ultimate Sacrifice so we can live Free. Freedom is NOT FREE, As it has been said before, We are NOT Guaranteed Freedom, It MUST Be Guarded and Defended if need be, Again the Defenders who made the Ultimate Sacrifice I Thank you and a GREATFULL Nation Thanks 🙏 You🇺🇸.

From @SidneyPowell

(1) The revelations of corruption by the FBI to intentionally frame @GenFlynn for crimes the FBI manufactured piles on with each new production of documents. Unequivocally, the documents prove the egregious extent to which those involved violated the constitutional rights of the National Security Advisor of the United States of America and a military hero, who put his life on the line for over three decades to preserve those very rights for every American citizen.

@Debradelai Dear Saul, you once posted a thread about Obama and the Rezko-case. Is it possible to repost it here?

Quodverum TV.

Another 338 subcribers and we'll be able to launch in earnest.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.