1. Get to know this name : Vlodymyr Zelensky, just elected as Ukraine's new President.

A total outsider from the entertainment industry, voted in on a wave of populist support.

The FakeNews snobs are all referring to him as the Ukrainian Trump - a 'comedian' with 'no experience' and 'no policies.' Heard that before?

Here's an interesting article about him.

Dominican Republic.

The narrator says that all that trash was deliberately thrown in the river.

He says that his culture has no conscience.

Let's open our borders, why don't we?



Here's how the IRGC did in Syria.

Every man in this photo is dead.

On the left is Qassem Sulemani, head of the IRGC Quds Force.

The man with the glasses is Afghan Alireza Tavasoli, commander of the Fatemiyoun Brigade.

The others are IRGC generals.

All dead.

Excellent thread on Democrats Chaos by Comrade Fudge 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻



In 2017, the Iranians unveiled the Karrar, their new main battle tank.

It's a deathtrap.


Americans know that the most important parts of a tank are the crew.

They must be saved. If they're allowed to die, all that training was wasted.

Iran doesn't train its troops. They're expected to die.

Therefore training them is a waste.

The mullacracy of Iran is 100 percent fraudulent.

Although the mullahs DID hit Saudi oil facilities with cruise missiles, the Saudis say that the facilities will be back online in ten days.

Also, the Saudis intercepted a cruise missile, the first time it's ever been done.

The mullahs showed their hand. Now everybody knows about their weaponry.

The Saudis intercepted a cruise missile, but we don't know how.

The missile caught fire and broke apart in midair.

Missile defense systems allow you to calculate the impact site.

The Saudis decided that they would take the hit, because it wouldn't do that much damage, and it would prove that Iran is indeed trying to start a war.

Currently Gabbard is the only Democrat talking about war.

The others fell for the Ukraine trap.

And while all of this is happening, the Saudis are doing who knows what.

The Saudis send out disinformation about how they can't do anything unless we help in a huge way.

The reality is that the Saudis have eight years' worth of combat experience in the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

They don't need us to do any heavy lifting.

Sun Tzu said that the prudent commander keeps his plans secret even from his own men.

I'm positive that Trump tells Pence what he wants, and Pence does it without asking questions.

Pence trusts Trump.

It's clear that others don't, so they're let go.

In the same way that Trump keeps his plans secret, the Saudis keep THEIR plans secret from us.

Even from Trump.

But he doesn't need to know.

Trump and the Saudis have a big-picture plan, but Trump isn't being briefed on specific steps.

Americans have a cultural deficit of CYA. We're always afraid of being held responsible for failure.

Trump isn't afraid, so he takes calculated risks that others find unacceptable.


Before he was elected, Trump said, "If I fail, it'll be MY FAULT. Nobody else's."

Tulsi Gabbard is a mediocrity who will never get anywhere.

It's because she can't conceive of the relationship Trump has with other world leaders.

Tulsi is forever stuck in the pre-Trump era.

Why did we have a state dinner for AUSTRALIA?

My guess is that Australia provided evidence of the attempted Democratic coup.

So Trump is honoring them.

Trump's world is an iceberg. We see only about 10 percent.

I've been following the wars in the Middle East since 2011. Following them daily.

Trump learned from Bush's many mistakes. Doing things slowly and secretly is the best way.

Iran puts out videos of crappy weapon systems that will kill Iranian soldiers.

The Saudis keep most of their capabilities under wraps.

Idiots are fooled.

I'm not an idiot.


I believe that President Trump would react exactly the same way that President Reagan did with the balloon popped.

Organ Trade on the Increase in Iran

"There is even a street in [Tehran] that is known locally as 'Kidney Street' because of the sheer number of advertisements for body parts that are displayed in the area."


@redwhitebluedude @masterblaster @RonOgletree

It is not new. They've been vomiting that crap since the 70s.

Garbage like this.

As I've been telling you from day one, it is impossible to tell the left and Jihadists apart.


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