Fox News Media said today that it successfully evacuated three Afghan nationals who have worked alongside its correspondents as fixers and assistants throughout coverage over the years.

They also said they retrieved a colleague from a regional media company and the families of all. The affected includes producers, translators, drivers and security personnel. A total of 24 people were rescued, the news outlet claims.


CNN Reporter on the Afghanistan catastrophe: "If this isn't failure, then what does failure look like exactly?"

The Gulf Arabs offer freedom, prosperity, and PEACE.


For the organized resistance to begin this fast means that it was already planned and organized.

Not everything is bad news.

Now the Taliban has to fight men and women who have no political leaders handcuffing them.

Their goose is cooked.


For those of you who noticed a few trolls lately.. it's only one persistent, OC retard from New Zealand.

The wanker is a basement dweling liberal near Hamilton.

Busy little cretin. All of these are his accounts.

And not a trace of his nonsense is left.

Idiot can waste his time all he wants.

I wanted to follow up on this one...

Very important shit about what is goin' on right now...

The Left and Neo Liberals are USING science as a tool to be able to convince the average non critical thinking the point... is goin' to say...

" Hey...they say it's it must be true..."

Man made Global Warming
Masking microns
Flu deaths in the past year and a half...

Follow the science or the money...

Please feel add to the list...

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My psychiatrist prescribes me my medication.

We don't do talk therapy.

He was stunned that I had zero reaction to the pandemic.

The hell of it is, most Americans kept their cool.

The press, Hollywood, and all OTHER leftists lost their minds.

So it was a fake apocalypse causing fake hysteria, resulting in ridiculous movies that express all the fake social angst.

It does actually exist.

Again, most Americans kept their cool.

People on this very forum tell us constantly that the other side is winning.



Defeatists have been conditioned by the very people who the defeatists claim they want to fight.

When Trump was elected, the country was much worse off than it is now.

We don't know what Trump's plans are, but he says we'll be happy with them.

Having studied history, I never expected a total lack of setbacks, especially given the stakes.

The psychopath doesn't know that others have precious lives, so the psychopath operates like the Islamic State and the Imperial Japanese.

Both ended up on the ash heap of history.

You have nothing to fear from psychopaths.

All you need to do is learn about their weaknesses and then exploit them.

The way Trump does.

The best is yet to come.


Last night Gutfeld, in a recap of all the insane misstatements by the imposter in his CNN Town Hall on Wednesday night, said he remembers when President Trump had a typo.

Gutfeld makes me laugh so hard sometimes. It reminded me of the covfefe tweet and how the left and the other fascists in the MSM totally lost their mind. But now the imposter babbles all this nonsense and all we hear from them is crickets!!!!

Mayor Bowser allows the BLM street graffiti to stay on but orders the immediate scrubbing "Cuba Libre" off the street.

It's like the Democrats are really working hard to piss away the latino vote.

Memorial Day Thread

A thank you to my Mother and Father for their military service in World War II -- I am posting some pictures!

My Mother trained Navy pilots to fly on instruments.

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