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Two of the country’s largest teachers’ unions refuse to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for their members, even as public schools require vaccinations for their students.

The National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are pushing against mandatory teacher vaccinations as the 2021-22 school year approaches, instead asking for weekly testing and other alternatives.


When I was waiting for the vaccine I contacted my doctor and asked her what approach she would take if I contracted Covid. She said she would have to look into current options. I sent her a link to the Zelenko Protocol. I also made sure I had the web address for Frontline doctors. We have to be our advocates.

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We don't see them often, hear them a lot. occasionally one will land on our shed. Large and beautiful!

🤣 🤣 I bet Trump is laughing his ass off at this and saying to himself, "About Time"😂

Republican staffers defied Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday evening by playing beer pong (with water) in a Capitol office hallway, smoking cigars, and socializing — without masks, courting arrest by Capitol Police.

Thread Bomb
With Aplomb

Much to the distress
of those in this mess

no more to glom

If the leap to the connection
Will lead to invection

shall one refrain
try to restrain

Or use misdirection


You words
are like Turds

The shit
will fall in the pit

fly away like a bird


so shut yer trap
and no more yap

Be silent
stir no soylent

and run thru the gap


This week's 1/6 DC riot hearings made one thing perfectly clear:

(1) Democrats and the MSM HATE cops when they're defending people and property against BLM and Antifa.

(2) Democrats and the MSM LOVE cops when they're defending people and property against Trump supporters. (*supposed* Trump supporters).

How in the hell can a normal person hold these two incongruous attitudes in their mind/brain at the same time?

A normal person can't! You have to be insane to think like this!

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I remember talking to a lot of people about getting really sick with something that affected their lungs in late 2019. I think a lot of people had it back then. And I believe it spread like wildfire, many with only minor symptoms. I doubt the masks, lockdowns, distancing, etc. slowed the spread any more than letting nature take its course.

@umad80 Not one study; multiple studies. I am using my experience and 14 years post high school education in
medical school, graduate school and 5 year residency, not to mention my years of practice to come to these conclusions. They are my opinions and multiple other drs who I am in contact with agree with me. You may agree or disagree as you wish, as you are a smart and will do as you see fit. @redwhitebluedude @watch4thedrop @Marg

@redwhitebluedude We know for a fact that sars covid 1 patients have immunity against sars covid 1 and 2 17 years later. we know for a fact that Spanish Flu survivors had immunity against the Spanish flu 90 years later. I am going with that and using all my experience as a medical doctor to say that we will find out that it will apply here as well. If you have a healthy immune system, it will prevail. Sweden was right and we were wrong. @watch4thedrop @Marg

@watch4thedrop I am going to have to respectfully educate here. Antibodies ALWAYS drop off after a few months. It is how our bodies are designed. The cells that remain, called B cells, migrate to the bone marrow. What remains behind, however, is the ability of our T-cells to "Recognize" the infection immediately and direct the B-cells in our bone marrow to make NEW antibodies. The "experts" are NOT so expert after all.


@umad80 I hear you and respect your opinion, just as I hear and (mostly respect) the opinions of everyone here. I'm glad people are doing what they need to do to stay safe. I also believe people should have a choice, especially if they had it and recovered. They need to know my information, too. @watch4thedrop @SomeLadyInVirginia @redwhitebluedude @Marg



I want to link those Quods up who like to research, particularly local, their COVID community data. So you can see and judge for yourself if desired. I wish we had a better source than CDC, but we and I work with what we got. But there are some big pics to notice.

This is the CDC website for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. One has to scroll down and hit on key portal buttons to pull up their state.

For the 3 topics, look for lowest righthand buttons.

Christopher Rufo: "POLLING CRT
New data reveals critical race theory's deep unpopularity."

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