Who remembers using wall phones? Ours was in the kitchen! It was next to the basement staircase I would sit in until dad told me to get off!😂🤣😂

I really want to visit Iceland. Friends over their a month. Very outdoorsy and a daily update.

Just got back from hiking in vicious 🤣 dog park. Lots of people out today. Only saw 2 masked people and both in their 20’s. What’s wrong with these people. No wildlife since kids were kayaking and making lots of noise! Delightful day. 56 degrees and intermittent sun.

I know the Alaskan who strung up the sleeping bag at the Seattle Airport! Omgoodness I love the Alaskan independent spirit! Please God divert the illegals flooding into Alaska. They haven’t earned the Alaskan spirit but are handed it …. Ugh!

My happy spot. Came across this moose and another sibling today.

Good news my granddaughter’s kick sled finally arrived from Norway. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift! The snow is starting to melt but she’s training up her toy poodle anyway.

This is my friends niece who disappeared from Anchorage. She’s 15 and must be found. Spread this far and wide. 😢🙏🏻

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