Joe Biden's bizarre behavior today in Iowa would be more than enough to end any Republican campaign, or even more Democrat campaigns.

He screamed "Why, why, why, why" and pushed uncomfortably close to a CBS reporter, in response to a question about his changing opinion of Sanders.

He is very ill.

Biden's outburst of inappropriate anger, the constant, obsessive repetition of the same word, the confusion and disorientation, the inability to think and respond to questions, the disregard for space and personal and social rules, forgetting his own recent statements - they are all symptoms of dementia.

His extreme frustration and repeating "Come on, man" as a substitute for comments are not just signs of a hot temper. They are symptoms.


Pelosi, Hillary now Biden? WTHeck is going on?


And Mueller and Schumer as well.

Their hatred of Trump destroys their masks and defenses and breaks down their lies. They can't stop the process. That only enrages them further and makes it even worse.

For those who are already in a state of cognitive decline, it adds extreme stress, exhaustion and even more confusion.


The leftist establishment is in decline. Their moment at the top of historical power is past, and their leaders are often old and unwilling to surrender what remains of that power.

They are always in a panic.

So we are watching a process that would usually take place in the private lives of those who have retired.

Pelosi is disintegrating before our eyes. She is responsible for this impeachment disaster as she collapses.

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