Chicago Police Department has replaced all sirens with a blaring National Anthem in order to force suspects to stop running & take a knee.

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Do you mean a vacation? I don't know. This sounds like more. The President is specifically asking for intercessory prayer.

Very glad he reaches out to us and allows us to participate in praying for and with him when the need is especially great

Look up the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Title II. Sections 202 & 203.

You cannot be forced to wear one (discrimination or segregation of any kind) if you are exempted due to medical, disability or religious reasons.

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So, I just simply ask them if they know they can't enforce if I refuse to wear one due to medical or religious reasons. They have always admitted to knowing that and then they leave me alone.

WASHINGTON – President Trump issued executive orders Thursday evening prohibiting Americans from transacting with the owners of popular mobile apps TikTok and WeChat.

The orders say that the ban on the Chinese-owned apps will take effect in 45 days.

Former Venezuelan Official Charged in Connection with International Bribery and Money Laundering Scheme | OPA | Department of Justice

Arkansas Project Manager Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud and False Statements in Connection with COVID-Relief Fraud | OPA | Department of Justice

Peter Navarro just said FEMA is sitting on 63 million tablets of hydroxychloroquine that could help millions of people, and now the internet is blowing up.

I LOVE Peter Navarro.

There is just something about him.

Especially when he is dressing casually.

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Thanks, Dawn. ❤️ 😘 I get it that so many are trying to find their way. But right now in our country, young men of good character of any background are trying to figure out if they have a place and a future anywhere.

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My heart was saddened yesterday after I had a teleconference with my nephrologist. When I told him 3 doses of Zelenko’s protocol over 1.5 days took me from bedridden and almost delirious to feeling great, he said it was more likely I was getting better anyway 🙄

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I mean, if you want to claim it doesn't work, fine. There's a chance it may not. That's what the all the trials/studies are trying to figure out. But to say it's all of a sudden a deadly medication? Leftists always overreach.

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Spoke with a veterinary friend of mine today. Due to the they are doing curbside pickup, masks, etc

HCQ came up and somoone has convinced her it has a serious tendency to cause heart problems, so she is VERY leary of it.

Mentioned Zelenko Quercetin and she dismissed that as another ant-malarial

Tough job when even Dr.s doubt

@EarlThePearls @KodiakIsland Unfortunately, a Medical degree doesn't immune you from orange man bad propaganda. @wziminer


What pisses me off about these bastards is how many people will DIE because they were afraid to take or not offered to take or not allowed to take HCQ!!

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i hope trying to put egg on POTUS face was worth it. Probably cost thousands of lives

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And we can bet $$$ that they all have their private stashes of HCQ, just in case.

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So true today but we still have some mavericks, docs with an open mind who are seeking knowledge to help their patients.

Their malpractice insurance only protects them as long as they use standard protocols and diagnostic tests. If they dare to think for themselves, they could lose everything. It’s a vicious, incestuous circle with narcissists and lay CEOs more concerned with money calling the shots

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