Three qs I'd like to ask China Joe:

'There are photos emerging of Afghan men being transported in a C17 out if Kabul. Why are these men being prioritized over America citizens, who are at the moment stranded in Afghanistan?'

'Can you confirm that each Afghan man was risk-screened before being allowed on the plane? How was that screening done?'

'You say you planned for all contingencies. What's the plan to get US citizens out of Afghanistan? What's the plan to get the US troops out?'


Those men on that plane were young guys-guys that could fight, join the Taliban (I don’t care), and take care of themselves. Why weren’t women, children and old people on that plane AFTER our people were taken out!

Tony Shaffer

The @SecDef
"stand-down", the Milley @thejointstaff
"white rage" & the complete incompetence of @JakeSullivan46
created the perfect storm...the Pentagon was not preparing for the worst case - they were in CRT training, making sure male officers knew how to wear high heels...

I am fortunate enough to work for a conservative company that does not buy into the mandatory vaccine hype.

However I still drove my butt into Dallas and protested with the hundreds of Healthcare workers facing job loss because they refuse to get the vaccine. Please support everyone standing up for their Freedoms 🔴 ⚪ 🔵

Instead, they’re focused on chimerical “white supremacists” and enforcing wokeness in the military. People like Muhammed Arif Mustafa see that happening, and they see it as an opportunity, an opportunity they will most certainly exploit. The jihad will indeed not end, and America is not even close to seeing the last of it.

Papadopoulos - who has been through hell - is 100% correct. I'd argue that he is being too kind.

But check out the insensitive, moronic reply. To post a 'yawn' emoji when so many Afghanis are about to die is the height of decadence.

There are millions of very stupid Americans who have zero clue about what's going on and how culpable Biden is. The good news is that they are a loud minority these days.

Not that the victims of the Taliban will care much about that, in coming days.

Very sad

@timr @Zemeliko @KMGGaryde @joebennett @pma05

Spot on.

The Dems are weak. VERY weak.

And our collective focus should target on that weakness.

The kooks like Lin Wood etc distract and divide, usually to line their own pockets with $$. Or because they've gone mad.

I am particularly disappointed with Sidney Powell, who knows better. Either she has seen damning evidence that for some reason she cannot reveal, or she has not. If she has, she should tell us why she cannot reveal it.

Shabbat Shalom, all. Gonna light my candles soon. See you all on the other side. (Ok, tomorrow, but I always de-computerize on Friday nights. I should do it thru Sundown Saturday, but I am not perfect. Am working on it though. :))

@varadmehta: "Imagine the reaction if Trump were hiding out at Mar-a-Lago while a major US military operation collapsed.

>@WilsonianLs: '[screenshot]'"

(H/T @jtLOL RT )

@ThomasWic we all know you think Qanon is bunk. Even the Carlos Aswada tweets make this clear. Rothschild obviously either doesn't research well or is looking to hurt you. I am sorry you are going through this.

QV family,
Once again I'm asking for you all to pray for my son Cristian. Since his last round of chemo on Thursday, which was delayed for 3 weeks due to low ANC, he's been feeling horrible. He's barely eaten anything and his body aches to the point he crys out in pain. This morning he was running a high off to the hospital! He's been admitted and tests are being run... still waiting for results. Length of stay is uncertain atp. Wtbs, please keep Cristian in your prayers.

I know I prefer bats to Democrats. This is some older footage. Megabattie said the bat baby season is about 10 weeks away. Praying the new generation of baby bats are not affected by the syndrome causing thin bones and lung bleeding🙏😭 Hoping for a strong generation of babies!❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️🦇❤️

This better be incorrect....

Via Twitter
White House chatter is that lockdowns for delta variant all but a done deal. Virtually all blue states are cooperating with WH / CDC. They’re aiming for late 2nd week of August, per WH official
10:57 PM · Jul 29, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

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