Wow an awesome Friday night. Wish I didn’t have the flu but I’m going bedy bye.Night. Sweet dreams. Thank you all.❤️❤️

Great news for all my American friends here:

"U.S. jobless claims fell even more than expected last week"


This guy could teach the idiot lefties what socialism is really all about ... if they were teachable.

@Cdubois @Momma_Voke

I would suggest that Trump have him speak at some of his rallys

@Momma_Voke I have no words. He is such an amazing inspiration. God bless him and his family.

It's amazing how the Far Left goes from "The Stock Market isn't the Economy" to "This will destroy the Stock Market" as it suits their goals.

What is apparent is that the Far Left has bupkiss interest in Middle America, and potentially millions of decent wage manufacturing jobs returning.

The Dems depend on virtue-signalling Professional NPR listeners/Salon readers on one hand, and lumpenproles on the other. That's the base. The rest is convincing middle America to vote on "cultural issues."

I can now officially announce that I’m coming to Las Vegas, Nevada,

on Wednesday, October 2nd!

Nevada is absolutely in play & we need to register new Republican voters.

@KodiakIsland @NevadaJack @WatchfulCat

It's such a dumbass notion to be ashamed of European bloodlines.

It's like these brain dead gullibites cannot imagine that if the brown, black, yellow or pick your race had been more advanced technologically that they would have been the ones running roughshod over less advanced people groups.


When one man stands strong against the wind, it encourages the stiffening of other men's spines.

Meet Ray.

Ray windsurfed 90 miles to flee socialism in Cuba — and he was ready to face death if it meant being free.

Fast forward to today, he can’t believe how many Americans want to live under the hell he escaped.

This is his story.

@2020_DJT Next thing you know, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will hire him to advise them on fake news.

Exposing the public to fake news may lead to the creation of false memories, according to a new study published in Psychological Science.

Researchers in the study asked participants to recall real-life events based upon provided news reports.

Even though some of the news reports provided were fake, almost half of respondents reported remembering a fake event in real life — and “many” respondents recalled “rich details” about events that never actually happened.

After Greece denied any cooperation, 's Adrian Darya-1 oil tanker (previously Grace 1) is reportedly heading for Turkey

Rep. Ralph Abraham, a Louisiana congressman:

“Here’s the truth,” Abraham said in the ad.

“Life begins at conception. Government is too big. Our taxes are too high and our car insurance is too expensive.”

“President Trump is doing a great job,” he said.

“Facts matter more than feelings. The Second Amendment is self-explanatory.”

“And as a doctor, I can assure you, there are only two genders,” he said.


Maybe you didn't miss a thing.

There is no reason to believe everything these two "psychologists" have to say.

@NevadaJack @WatchfulCat

That is the truth. What the two "psychologists" seem to not understand is reasoning. The supreme gift from our creator that sets us apart from animals.

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