Very interesting. If I met him, I'd say "so you get first class treatment paid for you, but your Obamacare decision has me paying more than rent every month. What makes you think you're better than me?"

@RockyRoad @redwhitebluedude

The UN is a totally useless organization.
It creates more problems in the world than it ever solves.

American Patriots Let's Help The Couple That Is Being Charged With A Hate Crime For Painting Over BLM Mural!..The District Attorney Diana Becton Is African America! I Think She Needs To Recuse Herself!


The Democrat Race Lie was published in Jan 2009 by Bob Parks in response to the obvious misrepresentation on the Democrat Party website, stating their "unwavering" support of civil rights in the US. Their true history reveals anything but...

Democrats continue to lie today to avoid responsibility and to amass more political power for their oppressive agenda to keep Americans permanently divided; forcing us all to live in a propaganda controlled state and constant chaos.

Majid Rasouli in & Majid Rasouli in Canada

Inside Iran the mullahs use religion to deceive the people.

Outside of Iran they use the Iranian people's money to live a life in freedom that they deny the Iranians back home.

And his thoughts about Iran & nuclear weapons...

Ryan Fournier
Jul 4
When they kneel during the National Anthem, stop the music and say since we are kneeling let us pray.

Well worth watching. . . it exposes one of the greatest lies of all American history, the one in which the Democrats convinced the Black population that the Democrat Party was on their side from the creation of the US. Bob Parks, a black commentator lays it all out and shows how HUGE and reprehensible that lie is, and how they’ve remarketed it 2020.


WTF? The children are DEAD! She has not said why, who, and how, but she gets other charges dropped? Hell-o?!!


Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces $678 Million Settlement Of Fraud Lawsuit Against Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation For Operating Sham Speaker Programs Through Which It Paid Over $100 Million To Doctors To Unlawfully Induce Them To Prescribe No


Bugfeed is trying to pin this on Trump but Patrick Howley says otherwise. Sara Bronfman was helping out in getting jihadist network in Libya, this was overseen by Maxwell's nephew at the state department.




@paulsperry_: "Liberals are falsely accusing and overusing away the only weapon they've ever had over conservatives. They are crying 'Racist!' and 'Racism!' so much now that they have rendered the epithet virtually meaningless. It will soon lose all its sting, and they will be left with nothing"


U.S. Secret Service (@SecretService) Tweeted:

Do you live near or plan to be visiting Mount Rushmore? Please note that the Secret Service has established a "No Drone Zone" tomorrow, Friday, July 3, 2020.

t.co/3rgcKpP0Dw twitter.com/SecretService/stat

nfl clearly getting horrible advice. their social media gave me AIDS

Most cops are good people.

Even bad cops don't deserve thugs spitting in their faces, or worse.

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