Temples , Churches are full of people, But the government put their officials behind the scene to watch over their activities...and collecting the donations. Corruption is rampant...Maybe most of Vietnamese do not understand what fascism is, they just live one day at a time. They hate the Chinese invasion but nothing can be done about it because the Government is "owned" by the Chinese, they say. In their heart, they never like the Chinese people...way back thousand years of history..

People are free to do business, but they cannot criticize the government....In the past years some voiced the violations of humanitarian crisis and they protested but the force of the police overwhelmed the crowd. Some activists were jailed, and with the interference of the US government, they were allowed to come to the US as refugees. People since then keep quiet..Since they are allowed to do business, have fun, follow the world trends etc, they gradually are satisfied with the regime.

Thanks to the boat people who settled down in the US and elsewhere, they work hard and save money to send back to loved ones, after Clinton reestablish relation with VN. Because of that VN start to live again...and the Communist officials start smelling the goodies from overseas...Corruption is alive again.

When the communists take over VN, the Party take over the whole country, using propaganda to educate small children to hate America, they tell lies about the American soldiers who massacred , raped innocent people of the South. And how proudly uncle Ho defeated the mighty America...so on. But now for the internet, people have learned to truth and they don't trust the regime.

Vietnamese people dislike Obama for the fact that he mingled with the locals, eating at low class street food places, not representing the once head of the greatest country on earth: The USA.

Avici: Hell realm. Adam Schiff is a hungry ghost who has pencil neck, he will go to live in hell realm.

3. Devadatta was reputedly remorseful toward the Buddha late in life.
He is reported to have walked to the monastery where the Buddha was staying to apologize to him but, as a result of bad karma, he was swallowed up into the earth and reborn in Avici before he could ask for forgiveness.

1. Trump and Schiff situation reminds me the story of Gautama Buddha and his first cousin, Devadatta, who always had a hatred, jealousy against Him. vadatta attempted to kill the Buddha on several occasions, commonly thought to be motivated by jealousy of the Buddha's power...

2.Devadatta then attempted to split the sangha into two, with one faction led by himself and the other by the Buddha. However, this attempt failed as all of his converts returned to the Buddha's sangha.

From Wikipedia.

Stefan Halper is not just a CIA asset.
he is also an MI6 asset, since 2004.

MI6 =British spy agency.

Halper is a Brennan boy.
he was sent to entrap Gen. Mike Flynn, Papadopoulos and Carter Page by John Brennan.
with Obama authorization (& Susan Rice, too)


She looks like she’s in her pajamas I think she was in Asia for something...So crude and yet Liberal Media rave about her "stylish wardrobe".

Nine Unknown Men - The Secret Society of King Ashokahttps://mysticurious.com/nine-unknown-men-secret-society-of-king-ashoka

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