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Syrian Arab Army (SAA) advancing after the US pulled out.



And the SAA is in civilian vehicles, because they have nothing else.

The Gulf Cooperation Council is watching, and it will take action when needed. Right now, Syria is beginning to reunite.

What happened in Iraq has been prevented. Thank the Saudis and Trump.


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Mini thread from Brian @drawandstrike with thread on Horowitz within it from TrumpSoldier

"Here's your chance to learn something from somebody who researched this guy."


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""The Trump presidency is the first to reveal a full-blown schism between the intelligence community and the White House."


It's happened under every single president of the modern era.


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Trump knows what he's doing.

I have no idea what American soldiers know, but my guess is that they are unaware of what's actually happening.

The Turks are invading northern Syria.


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Brian @drawandstrike knocks it out the park again

"You're about to see the entire Mueller Special Counsel rolled up like a old rug. Because they let someone in they thought was on their side, helping them by....GIVING THEM EXACTLY WHAT AND WHO THEY WANTED."


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General: "Trump has checkmated all these countries. Now they must confront each other..."


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Outstanding presentation by Glenn Beck of the stunning corruption of Obama's administration, focus : UKRAINE.

Whatever you might think of Beck, these chalkboards presentations are excellent. Well worth your time.

Prepare to be blown away.


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🚨🇺🇸 🇺🇸🚨

Hey “Take The High Road RINOS” here’s what I think of your pussufied approach to Saving America from the Unhinged Globalist Left! Unfollow me and go Fist Yourselves.

Retweet this and I’ll give you 🤣


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I've said that Trump is a touchstone and diagnostic tool for mental illness.

But he's something else.

Trump is a measuring device.

He measures your individuality.

Your ability to withstand the siren song of groupthink.

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I've been listening to the President's press conference and it's GREAT! I'll bet the media is livid. He's giving very long detailed answers and making the Democrats and the "fake news" look bad. is trending on Twitter and the leftists are in melt down. I love President Trump.

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@Kathleen @ThomasWic
This is hilarious.

The President of Ukraine made a presentation at a conference, apparently this was his opening..


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Here's where we are:

Nothing has changed.

No vote on anything is scheduled.

Trump goaded Pelosi into making a meaningless announcement, and now he's going to provide the evidence that he did nothing wrong.

His poll numbers are already going up, and the Democrats have driven away all sane voters.

And when the Democratic base sees no action taken, THEY'LL be driven away too.

Game, set, and match to Trump.

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Stolen from Twitter

Anonymous sources release photograph of The Whistleblower.

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Posted by a friend on FB:

"Everyone was trying to save Mother Nature 🌍 by banning plastic straws until she sent a lil hurricane at you,
......now suddenly buying 187 billion plastic bottles is just fine. 🤔"

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