Does anyone else wonder if Biden really believes he is our legitimate president? He can't possibly be walking around thinking , yeah, people really love me and voted for me..


My personal take: He never wanted this. I inadvertently heard from a DNC birdy that the DNC approached him he didn't want it. I think he was coerced. I think that's why he told us about the extensive voter fraud slip of his tongue just to drive his handlers I mean, who would want to be the first illegitimate president. I mean, come on man! So, I'm not sure if he's all too thrilled deep down which is not far for this shallow of a person.

@Lemonhead @Klang I've wondered if DNC knew he was the only pony that had a shot, due to the rest being such leftist loons. I think maybe they told him they knew all his dirty deals and kept quiet, so now it's time to repay the party.

@Lemonhead @Klang And if he had any ideation that people really love him, I think that bubble burst when he went to Macungie PA, a state he allegedly "won".

@Give_Me_Liberty @Lemonhead @Klang I believe people in the areas that most assume are blue (Lehigh Valley, western Montgomery County, Bucks County) are very much against the Dems and how they are ruining this country. We have more in common with our central PA neighbors than we do the Main Line and Philly Democrats. Interesting how those in poverty-stricken Philly would vote for Democrats, when they would never get the time of day in the wealthy areas of the Main Line.

@Give_Me_Liberty @Klang ha he was in the dirty deals with others been in longer than 40 years, his generation of political people were in the china loop second generation
They all know and knew
How do you think they keep the power and money rolling in


Biden has wanted to be President for more than 30 years. He didn't have to be coerced into anything.

He thought it was long overdue.

@karnage @Klang
As history judges this pResidency, his will be the portrait behind the open door.

@karnage @Klang

I agree! Like Hillary (and so many other Dems), he feels like they "owed" him this!

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