So I just got off the phone with my brother. His opinion is Hunter Biden is a non story and he said it's nothing because it's not front page news anywhere and that it is just something "my group of people" talk about. God help us all!

@venuso My kids are the same way. When and if Hunter ever get arrested for his crimes, I wonder what they would think? Would they figure it out they were hoodwinked all those years by the fbi and the DemoncRats?

@KittyDugre I don't know what to think. I am also so tired of him saying "your group of people" so when I turned that on him today he hung up on me so I got that going for me. I said you do realize he is under federal investigation and he was all too eager to tell me that "your" Mr. Trump was too.

@KittyDugre So being the smartass that I am I told him to plan the party for when Trump gets put in handcuffs cause that's coming but don't worry that Hunter is a non issue. Everything is do dang backwards. Kitty, they will think it's a set up and retaliation for Trump.

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