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So I just made butter for the first time in my Cuisinart food processor and my husband made a batch of home sausages this morning. I love Sundays.

FL Hurricane timeline from Facebook. Really important information. :)

@KittyDugre I always plan for the worst, hope for the best, and anticipate something in the middle. We shall see. The most influential Aesop’s fable in my life was the “Ant and the Grasshopper”…and God knows I live amongst locusts.

Happy Sunday. Hubby made brunch. Eggs Benedict with grilled bacon 🥓 and homemade hollandaise sauce. I'm not too spoiled am I?

50 more illegals arrive at
residence this morning! They were wisked away from the Fox News cameras. Lmao! 😂She must be flipping out! 😂😂
Let's see how pissed off she is today!😂😂😂

Happy Saturday to you (and Sunday to some @StevenDouglas ). I've realized I haven't shared my wonderful dinner experiences that my husband has been doing. Tonight we had Steelhead Trout on the grill. Even the skin is perfectly broasted.


My latest on Substack, discussing the government's motion for a stay pending appeal in the Mar-a-Lago documents matter, etc.

Which Is To Be Master --That's All
by Dar ul Harb, Esq.

Ouch. Looks like Manchin and WVA getting 🔥 burned badly...


Manchin deal with Schumer to spur oil and gas drilling jeopardized by far-left Democrats

Schumer agreed to press for legislation allowing more drilling permits to get Manchin's vote for a mega-spending bill

Manchin's deal with Schumer for an oil and gas permitting bill in exchange for the WV senator's support for the WH's $739 billion climate change spending and tax hike


This just happened yesterday. The older couple in this story are dear friends of mine and I thank God they're safe.
Here's the story,
Yesterday morning at 4:30 am a 911 call was received of a burning vehicle on a rural highway in My county.
Upon the Fire and Deputies arrival it was discovered a person was in the passenger seat.
As they investigated no other occupants were in the vehicle.
Sheriff's Office and FDLE investigated it as a Homicide/Arson.


Who doesn't like Greek Stuffed Grape Leaves! Just opened the can. 70 oz.

Prologis CEO Hamid Moghadam was mugged outside his $15 million home in San Francisco last month.

Owned by the Vanguard Group and BlackRock, Prologis is the largest industrial real estate firm in the world.
The two muggers stole Moghadam's Patek Philippe watch. The watch brand sells its pieces for anywhere from $12,000 to $2 million.

Moghadam stated, "I would say, right this second, San Francisco is probably the most dysfunctional city in America."

What is a Masseria?
Discovering a Typical Italian Farm

Lately, Puglia, a region of Southern Italy (“heel” of the boot), has become a popular destination loved by tourists from all over the world.

People are not only crazy about its delicious food, but they love to stay in a typical construction called a masseria (plural “masserie”).

Also, you might probably see the term masseria on the way if you are visiting the area from Bari to the south of the region.

So what is a masseria?

So just got back from golfing at The Habitat Golf Course At Valkaria (FL) which was Billy Horshel's home course in High School and I made my 1st hole in one! They took my picture and will add my name to their wall plaque. 😁

1) Two Lifelong Democratic Judges Switch Parties, Running for Re-Election As Republicans.wo life-long Democrats are now running for re-election as Republicans as the border crisis worsens under President Joe Biden.In a report from The Center Square’s Bethany Blankley, Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers and Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara — two females in Texas border communities — said they are sick and tired of Biden’s open border policies destroying their small communities.

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