"But what is he waiting for..."

"If he hasn't done it by now it isn't happening..."

Donald Trump will make his move.

He will do it quickly and decisively.



You think Donald Trump, this same Donald Trump, wouldn’t have a plan to get back at those who committed the biggest scandal in American History?

A plan so big it literally changes the world when its completed.

Forget being the only President who could pull it off, Donald Trump is the only PERSON who could think big enough to pull it off.

If you still think that Trump just let this happen knowing well ahead of time what was going on, you’re not a serious person.

You think this person just walked away?


Coming out of Impeachment unscathed, and stronger than ever, the Virus grips the nation.

He immediately knew where this was going and saw the election theft coming from a mile away.

Look at the comment he made in JUNE of 2020.

Direct from the Fact checkers themselves.



Now I know this is from July 2020 but it showed up on twitter again and just sparked a thought that seems to have faded away from a lot of us.

A reminder of who Trump is.

If CCP state media was talking about Covid being a tool to beat Trump in July, before the 2020 election, I think Trump and his allies would have known it was going to be a tool used against him much sooner.

Likely as soon as his first Impeachment concluded.

Looking for anything they can throw at Trump to prevent his comeback.

They know what’s coming for them.

Wait til you see what the democrats have interfered with.


Biden is so demented he likely thinks he actually won. He is so sheltered that he only sees what his “handlers” show him.

He is living out the Truman show plot but as president.

Trump doesn’t just come back to replace Biden. He’s just a tool. A shell. Of course guilty of wrongdoings. But he’s just being used at this point.

Trump needs to expose and destroy the handlers as well.

We can all feel the water is about to boil over.


Something is coming

"Could limit voting access for millions of Americans."

Now that they have the taste of mass mail-in-voting in their mouth and the stolen victory that came with it, they don't want to lose it.

It's tough to argue when reputable sources such as the Washington Post and Axios cite reports from the non-partison Brennan Center. (That was sarcasm)

Just a huge circle jerk of misinformation between our beloved media and big tech.

I don’t know exactly how this will play out but Trump would not have just left us lambs to the slaughter.

Our country has been and currently is in danger and I believe Trump feels an obligation to save it.

Just like our founders had a sense of obligation to declare independence and fight liberty.

He spent his entire presidency planning for this moment.

“The best is yet to come” isn’t a campaign slogan. It’s a PROMISE from a man who knows how to follow through.


PS: Buy guns and ammo

Now they slowly start pushing to take away our rights.

The most important of those is our right to keep and bear arms.

The bill of rights specifically says that the right to bear arms “Shall not be infringed”.

The founders knew exactly how important that amendment is.

Trump is well aware of how important that is too.

They are going after our freedom.

Trump won't allow it.


It may be a while until we fully see the negative ramifications of these lockdowns but more articles are coming out on the topic.

The psychological distress is getting to people.

As more shootings start happening. The left and the media will be doing everything they can to push for "gun control". You won’t hear them say anything about mental health.

Our 2nd amendment right is the last thing standing in the way of our total destruction.

Folks, while it's difficult being patient, every day that goes by creates more and more Biden remorse.

Biden's response to this will also be very telling.

Things have been pretty interesting since the election day but it's only going to get better.

This would be funny if it wasn't such an embarrassment.

We're a joke to the rest of the world. They know as well as we do that Biden and his entire "presidency" is a farce.

Give it a week or two and it will say “Biden tax hike will hit everybody- white house clarifies”

Our overlords have told us this is real so no need to look further.

I’m no expert but to me it looks like the video of Biden taking questions and the background is real. The microphones look to be added in.

Weirdness continues.

The final key finding picture. I think it's funny they discuss post election audits but to my knowledge, there hasn't been sufficient audits in the key battleground states.

Here is the Scope Note from the document.

The best analogy I have for this is a story about my 3 year old son and an interaction he had with his 16 month old sister.

I’m doing dishes, my wife is doing homework for her masters, the kids are playing nicely together in the bedroom.

All of the sudden my daughter starts screaming and crying so I go back there and she is sitting on the floor holding her forehead. My son is standing there with his captain America shield strapped on his arm.


Thoughts on the Joint Statement that came out on election interference. Link below.

Read it, draw your own conclusions, I’ll give you mine.

Read the highlighted portion below of just the press release.

Can somebody explain to me how and/or why somebody can/could materially impact the security of certain networks, but no evidence was found that the elections were compromised.

How many bank robbers successfully break into a bank but don’t steal money.


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