Trump loves this country, and has gone through hell fighting to save it. He has made and KEPT promise after promise to us.

My vote is one of the least significant things Trump has earned from me. He’s earned my admiration, my respect, and most of all, my trust. None of that probably means much to him but it means a lot to me and there are a lot of “me’s” out there.

He said “The best is yet to come” and we believe him. He’s given us no reason to doubt him.



Absolutely. I don't know "what" is going to happen, but it's pretty darn obvious that there is a "what" going on that is way out of the ordinary. Then the question is, what is the "what"? Is it only the Left that has agency? Has Trump evaporated? That makes no sense. It's a kind of rigid, "it's always gone a certain way" kind of thinking that also makes no sense, given the past 4 years.

@Kingjerold I love that this was the first thread I woke to this morning. I am a "me" as well. After all he and his family have gone thru to save this country, I will continue to stand by him.

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