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It's not a question of preference.

They can't stop.

Both of my parents denied their illnesses until the moment they died.

Nothing we said to them got through.

So they died in terror. The Democrats will continue on this path until their party dies.


5. Option #2 - DO NOTHING

Again, this is unlikely.

These radicals will not shut up, or do deals. That much is obvious.

Doing nothing will make them louder and stronger. Obama's lugenpresse are.workinv with them, notice.

It also guarantees bitter conflict all the way to 2020. And election annihilation.

So we can rule that out.

I found this article interesting because it accurately captures the infighting going on in the Democratic Party. It asks the question, "Is there a voice within the party that can end the carnage and reunite the party or do they prefer political suicide?"


By the way, I was in a restaurant in San Francisco when a customer loudly said that the Rodney King beating proved that this is the world country in the world.

The restaurant owner was a Burmese immigrant. He tore the customer a new you-know-what.

"In my country, the police murder whoever they want. Here in the US, the entire country is upset over just a beating. This is the best country in the world. Get out of my restaurant and never come back."

I applauded.


If you haven't seen the movie "Taken," you need to.

It's a completely un-PC film that excoriates sex trafficking.

The fact that the purchasers of young woman are wealthy Arabs is not glossed over.

The new fab 4! They have a recipe for implosion which will lead to the extinction of The Democratic Party.

Uh-oh -- now you went and got TEXAS mad at you....

"Multiple reports say Twitter categorized my Blue Angels post as sensitive.

Just another way Twitter is erecting challenges for conservatives and for American institutions.

My office is calling Twitter officials for a meeting.

Greater regulation of Twitter is on the table"

4. Let's see what happens, but sometimes Ockams Razor applies.

Darroch and May, as well as their craven buddies, are being humiliated, their careers ruined.

Declassification is about to expose them even further.

Makes perfect sense that it's them.

This is their desperate, final parting blow. And if it's them - as always, it will FAIL. Spectacularly, as well.

The end.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.