Let me begin this toot by saying I am not an intellectual and not a very good researcher. I am just an average guy trying to figure out why the world has changed so radically from my youth. At age 64 I can look back and recognize certain threads keep reappearing over and over again. Some of these threads are secret societies, espionage, communists take over of the world and mans quest for immortality. Having said that I know there is some brain power here who possess many of the skills I lack.


In particular, Thomas, Rex and Saul to name a few. I ran across this article which is an interview with a former lover of Eric Schmidt of Google. This articles contains all of the above and then some. I share it here because I am curious to know what you think about the piece and any insights you might be willing to share.


I already DISTRUST her just from this sentence alone:
"Yes, I chose Eric as a lover to figure out what made him so successful."

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