From really bad, to worse.
Truck driver that killed seven in New Hampshire, should not have been on the Street.


Leftists don't believe in the rule of law.

Here in my city, the residents are free to do whatever they want.

So they do!

Zero quality of life. When I leave California, I'm going to pull over and do this after I cross the state line.


Of course they don't. Apart from their own, leftists are a narcissistic, self-serving lot, with no regard for the plight of others. Things have been known to be cyclic. Let's hope this is the case.

I believe Trump will restore full rule of law during his tenure, and these idiots will be forced to comply or be arrested.

It's a damn shame what has happened in areas like yours. You've posted on it many times. I hope you're able to move soon.


I rather like you're resolved at the border it mirrors your message to @ Jack.

Non sequitur; Have you eaten any free range chicken lately?

@ThomasWic @KenLarkin Let us know when you reached your FREEDOM so we can all rejoice with you.🌪🔥💥☄️

@KenLarkin Seriously?? "His brother-in-law, who identified himself as Denis K., told the newspaper that Zhukovskyy “looked like a person who went through hell” in the days after the crash." Looking for sympathy already. I have none.

@DonnaLea it is my hope, he wakes up every morning to the ramifications of his actions, and they torment him. Till the end.

@DonnaLea @KenLarkin

The reason he looked like a person who went through hell was reality caught up with his actions. That reality is he is going to jail.

@KenLarkin And they attempt to make the perp a “victim”, God
help us all!

@Beemer4Trump somehow I don't think that's going to fly. It holds no water with me. I have no sympathy for him. And for good reason.


With that kind of extensive record he was able to get a commercial drivers license and on top of that absurdity he was hired by a complete imbecile? Incredulous! What a complete disaster! 7 families lives have been senselessly destroyed.


Same crap I was talking about earlier. A long list of crimes.

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