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Evidently I have created a new language for me to communicate by. It's where I leave out words randomly and expect everyone to interpret. LOL

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Funny how they are in favor of sending pharmaceutical CEOs to jail for the opioid crisis however they are all for letting drugs pour across our border...

*Sanders ... Not Warren!

I had a Joe Biden moment! Lol

Warren looked like he needed a defibrillator and Kamala looked like she needed a vibrator! (Pardon me please) 🤣🤣

Sincerely, I never knew Biden was so interested in drums. 🤣🤣🥁🥁

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@Ken1951 That seems peculiar. You would think, based on the lies being pushed by enemy-dia 24/7, that they all would cover the demwit debate as if it was on par with Live-Aid. They are so desperate to convince the public that a dem will win in 2020,(🤣 I know😆) that it would stand to reason they would all air this. So I can only deduce that they know the less live coverage of all the cringe-worthy & gaffes is easier to clip and parse into spin later on their 'balanced' panel discussions. 🤔

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Take a BP pill first or a tall drink & something for a sick stomach.

The Democrat debate was a well-rehearsed pitch for impeachment and Socialism. I have a sneaky suspicion they had access to the questions before tonight.

The failing CNN is the ONLY station airing the Democrat debate at 8pm ET. I'm gonna to watch it just to see if they throw only softball questions to Biden.

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Htiler would have awarded Gavin Newsom a management position at Auschwitz. No doubt in my mind that Newsom would have accepted.

"Gavin Newsome Signs Bill Requiring Universities To Offer Abortion Services"

Too bad Newsom's mother didn't avail herself of such services.

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Dem debates tonight. I may watch for sh*t & giggles. Anyone else plan on watching?

What I took away from this Project Veritas Part 1 and 2 video:

- is biased & they are further exposed
- Jeff Zucker is in it for the ratings, not the truth
- CNN employees seem to think the Dem candidates clowns
- CNN is breaking the law by avoiding hiring people because of their political preference
- Employees are disgruntled
- CNN is the Impeachment Network of News Media
- Jeff Zucker is a tyrannical asshole
- CNN is interfering with election outcomes with lies and manipulation

Chanel Rion OAN

As careens his father's presidential bid into the Black Sea, a new frontrunner rises:

: A woman who weaponized her identity crutches to climb to the top...


Ronan Farrow claims he was followed, like a cloak and Dagger scene while covering Harvey Weinstein story... Per OANN video.

I can not believe, that as a lawyer, Rudy actually made some money!!😂

Because no one will have the courage to press charges against Joe Biden, they won't have the courage to press charges against you..."because you're Joe Biden's son". See how that works?

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