Name-calling among Trump supporters is taking the low road.

There is no God of social media. We each have our perspectives. if you can't deal with that without calling people names you're the weak one.

Ok... The Democrats want to impeach President Trump.

Let's bring it to a vote so the RINOS can be further identified.

I'm sick of these fake ass Republicans.

We all know there will be no impeachment because you don't have Jack shit.

After the democratic debate last night I've determined that clowns should be offended.

You're never too old to party. That's why I still party! 🤣🤣

Does anyone else drink good red wine just for the hell of it.. or do you have to have a reason or celebration? I can always make that shit up if necessary! bawhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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@Ballerina @Ken1951

Yep. Made me wonder how many teachers helped themselves for their own kids and households. We have been raising our granddaughter who is 15 since she was 7 months old.

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@Ballerina @Ken1951 Very true. Middle School = just over 300$$ not kidding.

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@Ken1951 So then you know. You know that socialism is being taught at this very level. It’s a shame, a scam and despicable.

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@Ken1951 ... only what my child needed. I even recycled last years notebooks by ripping out the first 10 pages that were used at the start of the year. Crayons, erasers, pencils, etc all were not new. They were used. But they were all still usable. Taught my children to be frugal. And not wasteful. Thank you for listening. I’m done now 😊

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@Ken1951 ... peoples kids who don’t bother buying them for their kids because they know there will be a surplus thanks to the good hearted parents who are forced to buy “extra”. And these lists? These lists these teachers provide before the start of the school year? They’ve become “wish” lists. And, like a bride who registers, teachers also have amazon “wish” lists that you can also buy for. A colorful new rug would go nicely in the classroom! It’s only $200!! Before homeschooling, I provided...

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@Ken1951 Well. This is true. However, let me “enlighten” you on what today’s Grammar school “school supplies” list look like: 10 glue sticks, 10 pink pearl erasers, 3 boxes of crayons, 20 pencils, Pink, red, green, orange, blue folders, 2 1/4” x 3 7/8” (ok I may be exaggerating a bit) yellow post it notes, 4 x 3 index cards, clip board, 5 spiral bound notebooks, etc. And then you bring them all to “orientation” night and throw them all in a community bin. Because you are supplying other...

This may sound a little silly but many parents had to spend lots of money on public school supplies their children need at this time of the year. Who has time to think of buying extras when you have to focus on the necessities.

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I suspect Trump will take New Mexico, CO, and Maine as well.

We'll see, right?

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What you see being reported is news for morons.

Trust the Trump.

He knows what he's doing.


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We have NO way of knowing what was really said behind closed doors!

Schiff admitted on CBS’s “Face the Nation” the reason for holding secret testimonies behind closed doors is to KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP & HIS LAWYERS IN THE DARK’

And so he can continue to selectively leak!

Why are we putting up with these dirty tricks?

Where is rage from the GOP?

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Dems CHANGE rules again!

•WB requirements
•closed-door interviews now depositions to limit questioning to 1 attorney/round
•from transcribed interview to a deposition, eliminating transcripts

Schiff can leak to media w/out leaving proof of deception.

House rules, “Chair & ranking member shall consult regarding the release of the deposition testimony, transcripts, or recordings...”

Dems trying to prevent transcripts of depositions/interviews being released!

Frankly, Mr. President @realDonaldTrump, I don't believe the Whistleblower even existed. But then again, I'm not a lying Democrat in Congress.

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@ThomasWic @Angela

New rule: we will limit the ability to retoot any toot from a world leader posting pictures of their nuts in a vise or reciting La Marseillaise in Sanskrit.

That'll teach them!

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