And if they are an enemy of the Taliban, they've decided to team up to kill their MUTUAL enemy, the Great Satan.

Here's my take.

Everything that's happening right now in Kabul is 100% planned and controlled by the Taliban.

And everything that's coming.

They are smarter than Biden's people. They've been 10 steps ahead, since Day 1.

They've hoodwinked Biden, Austin, Blinken, Jake the Fake, and the CIA Director (who looks like a fat slob).

I see an American regime being played BIGLY.

Now a THIRD explosion.

I'm hearing at least 20+ US Marines are DEAD.

And of course the many Afghans.

Biden? Nowhere to be seen. His clowns? All AWOL.

They all should be under arrest.

The tragedy is that it's going to get worse. Much, much worse.

11 dead Marines so far.

More to come.

May God forgive the Biden administration, because I sure won't.

As the tragedy unfolds - remember not to believe a thing you're being told by the Biden criminals.

They are evil, desperate liars now too afraid to show their faces in public.

In a sense, Biden and his clowns are now irrelevant. Just remember that Biden is personally responsible for what is taking place - as are all those who supported the fraud, and covered for him.

Americans must RISE UP (peacefully) and demand that the crooks go.

This cannot continue.

The end.

The Big Truth is President Trump won the 2020 Election in a Landslide.

Now our POTUS's voice isn't allowed on social media. Lol
The assholes keep going through alot of trouble to try to stop us, kinda like they are still losing.
We all know how this ends.
Hint we win.

DJT, New York Military Academy, ‘64. Yearbook: ”Shrapnel”

Academics ✅
Leadership ✅
Social ✅

Letters: Varsity Baseball, Football, Soccer. JV Basketball, Wrestling.
4 Yrs. Bowling.
Trophies: Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Coach’s Award & Captain’s Award Baseball.

He’s highly competitive, thrives under enormous stress, excels at UNCONVENTIONAL STRATEGY.

He’s a proven peacetime President.

He’d be a formidable wartime President.



Where are the protests or the media?

Meanwhile the FBI are hunting down and raiding homes of people who dared to cross a freaking barricade at the capitol to sing the national anthem.

If the methodical killing/ mass murder of the most vulnerable among us, by the government, is allowed to continue we'll eventually end up with vigilante justice.

We need law and order!!

So the New York senate passed a bill that bans the use of solitary confinement as "torture". At the same time they put all the elderly and disabled, in nursing homes, into solitary confinement with people positive with covid.

The democrats are using eugenics to kill the elderly and disabled after they lit up the town celebrating the murder of babies.

How many innocent people must die at the hands of dems before someone steps in? Where are the police, FBI, the local judges or Supreme court?


If Schiff, Schumer & Co want Cuomo out, that should make you worried. Why?

It means that they want to replace him with someone worse.

Don't fall for their games.

5. I can't wait to see what President Trump has in store for the enemies of The Republic.

I guess 80 million + Americans can't wait, either.

One thing is for sure. Trump is coming after ALL of them, big time.

And they know it.

Imagine everything he knows about these crooks, after being POTUS.

Oh man.

My faith in Trump's abilities hadn't wavered. The guy knows what he is doing.

The end.

4. It only gets worse for them now.

The truth is that these losers are only here because they were forced to cheat.

That's why none on them can walk a public street anymore.

The 81 million + gang are acting like almost no one voted for them and they rigged an election.

Again - don't deny reality. That's actually what happened.

If you deny reality, your response will be ineffective.

Call them out for what they did. That's the best thing you can do.

Leave the rest to the pros like Trump.

3. They're in the MINORITY.

And they know the MAJORITY are fully aware of what has happened.

That's what scares them the most.

So do not resort to any violence. That's what these cowards want.

Instead, call them out.

Call them out on social media, wlth FACTS.

They're freaking out already at how loathed they are.

2. But it is EXTREMELY important to accept REALITY.

Never forget what these criminals have done.


BUT they RIGGED an American election. It must be the worst crime in US history.

Do let's not fall into the trap of giving up and legitimizing what they've done.


They are a disgrace. A stain on one of the great Republics of history.

Never let these people off the hook.

1. China Joe screwing everything up again.

As he has done for 45 + years.

Rarely has the world witnessed such eye watering incompetence as Moron Joe & Co.

Reality? The current 'President' is a corrupt human being who also has dementia.

The VPOTUS, someone called Harris, hated in her own Party, is being lined up as Joe's replacement.

Kamala is an evil piece of work. Even Democrats realize how awful she is. Ms 1% is despised.

America is in a very, very tough spot.

Once the entire government is leftist will it be time to stop conserving?

1. At the end of the day, there is a truth to things.

Either China Joe got 81 million votes, or he didn't.

If he did, God help America.

That means a huge majority of the population reject Trump's 'America First' doctrine.

They welcome mass illegal immigration, the Paris climate accords, doing deals with the mullahs, and cozying up to the CCP.

That means game over for the American Republic.

Which tells you all you need to know.

China Joe DIDN'T win.

1. CIA/FBI infiltration of the media - this is one of the critical issues that I'm hopeful will be exposed in the coming months.

It's been going on for decades, but it seems obvious to me that Obama's goons escalated the infiltration to unprecedented levels. The MSM has gone off the rails.

They now openly defend criminals.

It's chilling to think about what would have happened under a Clinton presidency, with this media apparatus in place. A genuine police state.

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