The Left in this country is feeling more powerful at this moment than it has since the 1930’s.

They believe this is their moment.

They believe they are in a position to crush their political opponents, and silence them for decades.

Let them flaunt. Let them preen. Let them boast.

Hubris begets Nemesis.

They are about to discover that their opponents are not so easily vanquished.


As far as I can tell, nearly the entire country has written off Trump simply because they're brainless crowd followers.

That's good.

Brainless crowd followers are easy to fool.

@ThomasWic @Kcirtap_Nagrom
This seems to be shaping up to be the biggest WTF in world history. I think there are more military in DC than we think..
Lots more. Please keep them safe.

@Kcirtap_Nagrom I believe this is going to be our greatest moment in United States History.

As both sides square off and stare down each other do they have moves time progresses there are less options. At some point when the realization of the opposition is uncovered do they act in despair and do something bad or just give in ? The have failed many times due to an underestimated resolve of the Patriots ? Well they awakened millions of us and now must face us right after facing the military. They don't play nice..spit on one of those rangers and get back to me

@Kcirtap_Nagrom All the unhinged get Trump crap when he’s supposedly heading out the door. All the acting out of these little tyrant wannabes putting their boots on the necks of the middle class, a desperate effort to break our will is the panic. They know we see them now clear as day. They don’t think their steal is safe at all. Both parties see us coming to take away their slush funds and cocktail parties. They see us starting to stand up against them. They know we have reached critical mass.

@Kcirtap_Nagrom 😃 Those fools are just burning their last possible bridges. By the time this is over they will have nothing left and nowhere left to hide.

@Kcirtap_Nagrom the fascists then were implementing a fresh playbook on an ignorant populace, with much more limited communications platforms. their strategists had a more complete understanding of history, and their collective IQ was much, much higher. The twerps today would be relegated to shining the shoes of the fascists from the 30s.

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