@Kcirtap_Nagrom I took it in 84, and it still stands today. Everyone I know that’s taken it, takes it very seriously.

Support and defend your fellow Americans.

Please do what needs to be done.

Thank You,

An American.

...crimes which have yet to be answered for.

One U.S. citizen, one vote. That is a foundational principle of our Republic. If Americans cannot be assured their vote counts, then we no longer HAVE a Republic.

To defend the vote is to defend the Constitution. Since the civilian branches of government seem sadly to be disinterested in insuring the sanctity of the vote, we pray the military branches will.

Support and defend the sacred U.S. Constitution. Support and defend your President. ...

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear TRUE FAITH and allegiance to the same; and that I will OBEY the orders of the President of the United States...”

Dear U.S. Military,

Do you take the oath seriously, or are they just a bunch of words strung together?

If it’s the former, then you have only one possible course of action.

Serious crimes were committed last November 3rd, ...


I the swing states they "adjudicated " so many ballots, I'm not really sure a hand count would be slower.

Where are the Redwoods?

When I was young there were Men.

Tall, Strong, able to weather the storm. Literally immovable in what they believed, taught and stood for.

There are still a few.
Trump is one of them.
Pompeo is another one.

Yet I can't help feel that a disease has kept us from growing more of these well rooted Redwoods.

Now the surrounding erosion threatens all of us.

The I Ging:
Here the climax of the darkening is reached. The dark power at first held so high a place that it could wound all who were on the side of good and of the light. But in the end it perishes of its own darkness, for evil must itself fall at the very moment when it has wholly overcome the good, and thus consumed the energy to which it owed its duration.

These dark days, these treasons, these lies, all had to be brought into the light. There are men I would have thought to be friends and staunch allies of patriotism, of the Constitution, of the cause of freedom, who strangled their own ideals, and stabbed friends and allies in the back, in a fashion none could have foreseen nor expected

This is bigger than Trump, bigger than any political party. It is bigger than the nation, bigger than the cause of liberty or law or Western Civilization itself

A big shout out to the owners, developers, staff and all involved with this site. I'm a 30+ year IT software guy and absolutely love the design. Well done team. Common sense prevails.

@Baline @Kcirtap_Nagrom

Then, she got shit-faced, threw stuff while having a fit, had to be put to bed, and sent Podesta out to stall.

Absolutely none of it is real.

If Trump WERE to order the armed forces to intervene in this outrageously stupid manner, they would flat-out refuse.


This guy claims that Trump will order the armed forces to go in on January 20 and kill everyone.

Trump himself will be out of the country when this happens.

He also says that Trump is doing this for Jesus Christ.

It's madness like this that led to the January 6 debacle.

As both sides square off and stare down each other do they have moves left..as time progresses there are less options. At some point when the realization of the opposition is uncovered do they act in despair and do something bad or just give in ? The have failed many times due to an underestimated resolve of the Patriots ? Well they awakened millions of us and now must face us right after facing the military. They don't play nice..spit on one of those rangers and get back to me


As far as I can tell, nearly the entire country has written off Trump simply because they're brainless crowd followers.

That's good.

Brainless crowd followers are easy to fool.

So I hear Creepy McBiden is threatening to make us ALL wear masks.

Does that mean I have to wear one while I sleep?

Just joined today, primarily to follow @ThomasWic

Discernment is enjoyable. Everyone with a brain knows liberal blather for the last 4 years has been non-stop, baseless, slanderous bullshit.

If Trump, easily the greatest POTUS in our lifetime, just walks away after an outrageous travesty of election fraud, the country heads into a death spiral.

Not going to happen.

So -- Trump wins. America finally sobers up, even if the hangover is a killer, all is saved, by Grace I would add.

Everything about Trump's phenomenal life is eminently consistent with the concept of preparation meeting opportunity.

Today he is the most powerful person in the history of the world. With legal and morally imperative options available to him no other individual has ever possessed.

And people conclude he will leave all of that on the table and limp away timidly?

Uh -- I can't picture that.

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