Keith Raniere & Jeffrey Epstein, started to commit horrific & deviant sex crimes since late 80s, at least.

This means that THROUGHOUT the Clinton, Bush & Obama Presidencies NOTHING was done to end their horror.

It wasn't until President Trump that HIS DoJ jailed them both.

Anon on Comey tweet:

Comey tweet…

This week an American patriot takes center stage (WE are watching); he doesn't want attention (keep your mouth shut, or else); has principles and follows them (you know the rules); and always tells the truth (stick to the script). What an opportunity for young people to be inspired (Therapist activate ff) What a great opportunity for both parties in Congress to follow his example. (a threat to others).

Are we close?

'Be ready' was for us

[Be Ready] is for them..

Sorry Everyone....Karma’s Janitor already won the internet today!!!


They need to keep it up.

They're making the Trump landslide bigger and bigger.

"F*ck you! Now gimmie money!"

No gracias. Adiós.

@ThomasWic This man is a genius.

Not only is he making these unhinged morons the face of the Dem party, but when is the last time any of the 2020 Dems made major headlines?

Instead of driving their own message, they're being forced to make everything about Trump.

The swing voters they're supposed to be wooing are going to go to Trump because he’s got the messaging, he’s driving the narrative.

@KatrinaLeger White fur, blue eyes...the dog is probably deaf and may have other health issues. But racism.

Danielle D'Souza Gill Tweeted:

Our squad is better


Ivanka's rescue looks adorable

Apparently even adopting animals with white fur now is “racist” according to angry libs....

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