This better be incorrect....

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White House chatter is that lockdowns for delta variant all but a done deal. Virtually all blue states are cooperating with WH / CDC. They’re aiming for late 2nd week of August, per WH official
10:57 PM · Jul 29, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Mindy Cohen with NC Health said "the new variant can kill you."🤔🤔....... Ummm yes, we will all die of something

Research I have been doing follows that track, the big part seems to be reversing any election changes by reinstating the covid requirements, thus creating lax election criteria.
All of the noise also seems to be trying to draw attention away from the audits.

Absolutely. Thomas would call it a flanking move.Everyone gets distracted while they move in behind and surround us.

@Timmerax @KathrynK

So here’s the failing - pundits like Tucker could easily scream this distraction data out and show the obvious smokescreen for what it is, informing and educating those that still follow him (which is still a lot).

Instead, he’s bound by Fox to cover all the smokescreen stories to point out the silliness, getting “clicks” and “views” vs helping the country..

@Timmerax @KathrynK

His shit didn’t work last time unless you lived in Raleigh or Charlotte. Half the people here didn’t ware masks into Walmart and did Walmart stop them. NO…. Budweiser didn’t miss a beat.

@Bluecharger69 @KathrynK
Cooper's meeting are pompous and sad to watch.
He thinks himself a great governor, yet he doesn't lead, he informs.


He pissed me off right off the bat stopping the pipe line at the VA and North Carolina line.

@Bluecharger69 @Timmerax @KathrynK

I didn't wear a mask the entire time here in NC. I won't this time either. At this point, I refuse to listen to these assholes further and the best antidote or to ignore them.

The best remedy is defiance.

@ManuelCerdan1 @Bluecharger69 @KathrynK
Since my work is considered a health care area, we are back to masks.
None of us like to but in my case, a steady paycheck and healthcare are necessary.


If this is true, we are done if enough people don't stand up. This is utter insanity based on lies.

And we know what this is about. It's about shutting schools down again.

Another year of making our kids suicidal.

We can't do this again.


Hmmm - just a thought, nigh tin-foil hat thinking, but is it possible they are pushing hard on this not only to re-establish control & cement mail in voting laws but ALSO to possibly provoke an uprising al la Jan 6?

Such a stint of uprisings would feed their media allies raw meat to bludgeon is with..


@BirdDog @KathrynK

When it comes to Democrats, I never put anything past them.

I believe 1) they enjoyed the control. That's always apparent with them. 2) Teacher's unions didn't want to go back to school. 3) Mail-in ballots for sure. I know there are some elections coming up in November.

@BirdDog —Definitely a possibility. This smells of sheer desperation.

People who can leave Blue states will do so with no hesitation.

@umad80 @KathrynK


The first lockdown didn't work. The 2nd one, even though it wasn't as restrictive, didn't work. How the fuck do they expect this next one to work?

They don't, it's all about control over everyone.

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