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Someone posted this photo earlier, so I downloaded a high-resolution version of it.

As I thought, it's fake.

And a BAD fake too.

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How disgusting that the Biden regime and their apparatchiks in FakeNews are desperately trying to spin this disaster as 'an inevitable historic tragedy'.


This was ALL avoidable.

It is 100 % on Biden.

And he should be arrested by the military. Not just for this, but for his other crimes.

They all should be.

Enough is enough.

The end.

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Of course Booger-Eater wouldn't have a plan. He's no better than his sleazy-diseasy son. The only way they get through life is by lying, cheating and using people. Well, "My butt is wiped" is right. The people of Afghanistan and the relatives of those killed in Biden's Folly should make sure Biden's ass can never be wiped again. Unless it's in GITMO with Obama's tongue as his toilet paper. I really hate these bastards.

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The nightmare that's about to engulf the Biden regime is beyond belief.

The idiots have stranded thousands of US citizens and troops in Kabul.

The Taliban have complete control over airspace, land and military. They despise Biden and his regime as spineless, weak fools.

And they are correct.

They also despise The Great Satan.

It's impossible to escape the gravity of this situation for the USA.

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Al Jazeera now broadcasting live from the Presidential Palace.

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"We often worked with Afghan forces. Always a fifty fifty chance the unit we were working with was high as kites. ... At another OP there was an Afghan soldier who consistently wore a watermelon as a helmet."

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"Credible report that the US is offering vast sums of cash to the Taliban in order to allow evacuations to proceed. Hope US media is on top of this story."

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If the thing's going to pass, make 'em eat some "poison pills" 👍 before it gets to conference.

@varadmehta: "Team Intersectional is going to have to vote in favor of the Hyde Amendment and funding more cops. LOL.


(H/T @AsheSchow RT )

Lori Lightfoot blaming the murder of CPD Ella French on Indiana straw gun purchases is a freaking joke.
Those two losers could have bought a weapon illegally on any street corner in the city from one of the 100,000 resident gang members.
RIP Officer French you will not be forgotten. 😪 🇺🇸

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I was talking with a local mom yesterday, she has two children (we’re in Illinois). Last year her son would get off the bus, rip off the mask and cry, begging not to have to keep wearing a mask. They are breaking the kids.


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For all the fucking retards bringing CodeMonkeytatdism here.

We have a zero tolerance policy for Q-tards.

Yes, that includes the monkey boy.

At this point, Lindell is under review.

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Dennis, if I have to kick out 5,000...I will.

Might as well give a warning now:

Anybody peddling ZeroHedge, GP, CodeStupidMonkey, Sundance and like cretins or concern trolling of any origin will be deleted without explanation or any other waste of time.

Any 4 year old pestering me or anybody else for any reason is as good as gone.

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Absolutely my pleasure.
It's always good to "keep looking up!" 😃

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A non-political toot to all the QV insomniacs (like me) letting you know that tonight is the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower, especially between 2-5am when there'll be between 60-100 shooting stars per hour, as well as a New Moon for better visibility.

Linked article below on tips for the uninitiated and if you go out back to watch?
Make a wish for me 🌠💫🌟


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